Release Energy Blocks With Shanti Kai™ Diamond Master Blend Essence

Shanti Kai Diamond Master Blend Essence

Our Diamond Master Blend is the perfect Essence to use….

· When you experience tension or stress in or around the head – (which many of us do)
· Before meditating to enhance the experience as well as balance and align the third eye and crown chakras
· When you’re injured, ill, or convalescing, to accelerate energies of healing and release energy blocks
· When you’re a healing practitioner, therapist, or caregiver assisting your client or loved one with a deep healing or release
· Alongside Prosperity™️ or Attract™ Essences️ when wanting to manifest loyalty and commitment, such as in a business, romance, or partnership
· When you are trying to view a situation more clearly, to expand your intuitive capability and/or deepen your intuition


Alleviating Energies of Tension and Stress With Diamond Master Blend

Shake well and apply Shanti Kai™ Diamond Master Essence in a ring around your crown -, i.e., literally in the places a crown or tiara would be touching (if you were wearing one). Pull the hair back so that the Essence touches your skin, and apply within close proximity – i.e in rapid succession and spraying close together, so that there is the sense of saturation. Also spray over the heart center – front and back, temples, the third eye, base of the skull and all the spaces in between – including behind and under the ears, as well as over any other areas of stress and tension.

This works best if you spray close to the surface, so that the skin is dampened by the spray. Take a couple of deep breaths after completing your Diamond Master Essence “crown”, and note any release that you may feel. Many have noted a feeling of their crown “lifting” and a weightless or lighter feeling afterwards. You may also have the sense that toxic energy is being “drawn out” of your system, as certain variations of Diamond found in the blend are especially noted for drawing out such energy. Repeat as needed until desired release is achieved. *Note, this is one of the only Essence applications where we recommend saturation, and it is specific to the properties of the Diamond Essence.


About Diamond Master Blend

Diamond Master is a powerful Blend for drawing out toxicity – helping the physical body to release energy blocks so it can heal, as well as enabling other essences to work more efficiently. It may help strengthen immunity and contribute to regeneration and healing – especially beneficial for you if you are weakened, ill, or injured – to help pull energies of infirmity out of the body. Diamond Master raises your vibrational state, bringing greater clarity and vision, especially in the 6th and 7th chakras- i.e. the Third Eye and Crown respectively. It further helps clear blockages in the personality that can manifest in low self-esteem and has traditionally also been used to attract commitment, especially in business and partnerships. It inspires loyalty and stability within your relationships, as well as helping to soothe jealousy and suspicions.

“I’ve been taking [Diamond] Master essence when I feel like I need to clear some negative energy that is making me feel anxious or out of sorts and it makes me feel much more calm.” – Anna S.

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