All About our Diamond Essence!

Only a few days left in April to take advantage of our Diamond Essence give-away!  Since Diamond is April’s birthstone, until the end of the month all purchases over $75 will get you a free, 1/2 oz single ingredient Diamond Essence – a $14.95 value – or possibly a 1/2 oz Master Diamond Blend, a $16.95 value.  You’ll receive one of our eight Diamond Essence varieties, all of which carry unique healing frequencies.

Shanti Kai™ Master Diamond Blend

Our Diamond Master Blend is very powerful for drawing out toxicity and energetic blockages from the physical body and can help other essences to work more effectively. May help strengthen immunity and contribute to regeneration & healing. May benefit those that are weakened, ill or convalescing. Acts to raise your vibration, bring greater clarity, and clear blockages in the personality that can manifest in low self-esteem. Helps open the third eye and crown chakras.

Individual Diamond Colors

  • Black Diamond Essence draws toxins out on all levels, and grounds the physical. Extremely powerful for dissolving disharmonious energetic blockages in the physical subtle bodies. Promotes healing and renewal. Especially beneficial for physical manifestation of blockage(s).
  • Blue Diamond Essence helps to reconnect to your higher self and open up channels of higher or clearer thinking. Can Improve your ability to communicate to others.
  • Brown Diamond Essence helps draw toxicity out of the body and balance the metabolism. It encourages healing and may help improve energy and stamina. It also helps with connecting to earth energies so you can feel more grounded and have an increased inner harmony.
  • Green Diamond Essence helps pull entities connected to the physical body.
  • Pink Diamond Essence inspires an uprising and promotes an outpouring of love from within to without. Opens heart and third eye chakras to higher levels of vision that exist only in presence of pure unconditional love. This is the kind of love that creates miracles by changing the frequencies of the heart.
  • White Diamond Essence clears ️Crown Chakra and promotes opening and development of third eye. Interconnects the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra and pineal and pituitary glands, promoting visionary states and access to wisdom of your Highest Self. Helps purge toxicity from physical body and reverses flow of toxicity so that it moves out of the physical body into subtle bodies and beyond until it’s released.
  • Yellow Diamond Essence breaks down blocks and helps you find the confidence and drive to follow through.

What our Customers Say

I’ve been taking [diamond] essence when I feel like I need to clear some negative energy that is making me feel anxious or out of sorts and it makes me feel much more calm.
– Anna Snow

How to use Diamond Essence

  • Diamond Spray: 4-6 Sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired, especially over third eye, temples, base of skull, neck and crown. Shake Well. Suggestion: Lift the hair and spray Diamond Essence in a ring around the head as if you were wearing a crown. Spray right where the crown would go, including the temples, third eye, base of skull and forehead. Relax, breathe and notice the immediate release.
  • Diamond Drops: 4-6 drops 2x/day or as needed or desired. May add to purified or spring water bottle and sip. Shake Well.

Working with Essences

Essences are tools for us to work through different aspects of life, problems that arise, etc. They work primarily on the subtle energy bodies and affect the physical body as a downstream event. Those that are not as sensitive or as “tuned in” to their body or energy system may not experience the action of an essence right away. For this reason, we recommend writing down everything you are experiencing at the start of taking an essence and to check in midway through and after with your original list. Even if a problem is not totally resolved you will likely find it has changed and/or improved.

When working with essences, it’s important to work with what comes up, as this is often a sign the essence is working. We can help it along by doing the inner (and sometimes outer) work of addressing issues that surface while using them.

Essences can also be used acutely. For instance, during periods of overwhelm or stress, you can use an essence every 15 minutes, and then reduce to every half hour, and then every hour until the issue has shifted. Because essences are vibrational there is no need to fear overdose – if you get too much it will simply “evaporate” off.

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