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Shanti Kai Essence Kits
What is a Specialty Essence Kit at Shanti Kai™️?

Shanti Kai™️ Essence Kits were created to address specific commonly requested issues on a broader spectrum than you may experience working with an individual Essence Blend. Each Essence Blend within a given kit is already a stand alone multi-layered complex synergy designed to target a given issue or area- however the one that will work best for you on any given day may vary, according to your needs. Kits are designed with Essences that enhance the efficacy and synergistically align with one another. In short, they put more power in your hands giving you the most, robust system to target certain a range of energies within a given area.

How Do I Apply Essences in a Kit?

You can work with them as directed in the Kit instructions, and or layer them all at once. Often people ask us, “Is it okay to combine my Shanti Kai™️ Essences? And in general the answer is a resounding yes, however certain Essences and Essence Blends do clash, reducing the benefits you may experience and/ or somewhat altering it altogether. Our Companion Essence pairings and Kit systems have done the work for you, ensuring you get the most from your work with our products.

Why Would I Choose a Kit?

Certain Kits, such as the Shanti Kai™️ Wellness Kit, cover our choice Essences used most commonly in synergy to stimulate energies of healing- with each Essence being in harmony with one another. Our Chakra Release It Kit on the other hand is designed to optimize the balance and clearing of the 7 main chakras, with a myriad of potential options and pairings. Both are ideal for therapists, healers, and other practitioners who may experience working with many different types of issues on any given day, but also for anybody that is very serious about taking their healing to the next level. Other kits are designed to build on to the functionality of an already thorough system. The Shanti Kai™️ Have it All Kit, for instance, builds on our Aura Clearing Essences, taking you to the next level of putting back in the energies you want more of, after removing the ones you don’t. This helps ensure your vibrational field of attraction is on par with what you would envision attracting.

Not sure where to start?

We got you covered there too! The Shanti Kai™️ Starter Kit covers the basics in vibrational energy management, bringing tools for clearing, protecting, and helping you mitigate stress while increasing vitality and your ability to rest. For more information on Kits, checkout our selection here.

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