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Shanti Kai™ Manipura™ Chakra Essence

Did you know that the Solar Plexus region – i.e. in the area known as the Third or Manipura Chakra- stores negative memory – trauma, beliefs and emotion that can have a major impact on how you think and feel… as well as the overall levels of wellbeing you experience? Working with Shanti Kai™ Manipura™ or Solar Plexus™ Chakra Essence can help balance this important energy center, which includes the stomach, spleen and liver, and governs mind-body energies effecting your overall well-being and state of mind. Your overall levels of self-worth and confidence, and ultimately your self esteem as well as how well you focus on your goals and apply yourself toward success can all be mitigated at the level of your Manipura (or Solar Plexus) Chakra.

Ayurvedic and Ancient Roots

According to Ayurveda, much of what ultimately manifests in your physical body as “imbalance” – that can eventually evolve into disease and/or illness – can be balanced at the level of your chakras. With the right tools, you can intervene on your own behalf and have a positive impact on the way you think and feel. Shanti Kai™ Manipura™ Chakra Essence Blend can help you intercept negative energies before they take hold, improving how you think, feel, and ultimately react. Indeed, working with this Master Blend, you can help mitigate energies that impact how you think and feel (i.e. on a energetic level) – before they take root. Overtime, this can have a profound and powerful impact on the direction of your overall life purpose and path.

Manipura Chakra Essence and Clearing Negative Memory

Did you know that within your Manipura Chakra negative memory is stored? Thats right, your emotional history included trauma, beliefs and emotion, as well as your inherited emotional history are all stored in this region. And… if left unchecked, can have a major impact on how you think and feel… as well as respond and react, impacting the flavor of your overall life experience. Your inherited emotional history comes from your mother- and while beyond the parameters of this discussion, is also “downloaded” in this region, in your spleen chakra (inside your Manipura Chakra) while you are still in the womb.

Manipura Chakra and Your Ancestral Download

This early download from Mom has the effect of imprinting and influencing your reactionary patterns from the earliest life experience. If allowed to accumulate, and depending on how much you started with, can be challenging to counteract. That is, if you wait until your feelings are so out of control or until your mind is so disturbed that you can’t stand it – in order to do something about it, the process can be much harder and more drawn out than if you take action from earlier on. You’re essentially waiting until you have a problem to correct it- like waiting until you’re an alcoholic to intervene on how much you’re drinking… that’s not to discourage anyone with this issue- for indeed you can do it, but it may take a little more effort and require a little more help! But if, with conscious awareness, you intervene on your own behalf from early on- at whatever point you begin to notice the issue (or that you are willing to take action)- you begin to have a more positive impact from that point forward. You are effectively countering a negative with a conscious positive- it both neutralizes the negative and gives you a point in the right direction. With time, it begins to impact and effect how you think and feel on a daily basis, empowering you toward greater confidence, optimism, and success.

Intervening on Your Own Behalf: When to use Manipura Chakra Essence

At the slightest indication your mind is going down an unwanted or negative path, rabbit hole, or spiral… and your perhaps usual but non-beneficial and or unwanted reactionary patterns are starting to settle in, whip out your Shanti Kai™ Manipura™ Essence and prepare to apply this blend!

How to Apply Shanti Kai™ Manipura™ Essence

Simply Shake well and apply! We recommend spraying over your forehead, temples, throat, base of skull, along spine and/or over solar plexus region (ie area between chest and navel). You may also wish to apply to other areas, regardless of whether or not they seem to be connected. Spraying the backs of your knees and kidney/ adrenal area, along ankles and bottoms of feet, may also be beneficial. It is not necessary for the Essence to be applied over the exact region it is intended (or named) for. Your body is interconnected and your being integrated. (The concept is similar to an acupuncturist accessing your liver through the palm of your hand or the bottom of your feet, they are simply targeting tiny lesser-known chakra points that connect to major organs (i.e. through your chakras and meridians). Thus we recommend you spray it when and where you feel it, during times of mind-body stress, and/ or at the onset of emotional or mental unrest.

Acute Application

It may also be beneficial to use during times of heightened stress, when there has already been an accumulation of negative energy- in such instances you may choose to use it at increased or acute intervals spraying every 30 to 60 minutes until symptoms subside*. If you feel you are suffering from a medical problem or health issue, seeking guidance from your healthcare professional is always recommended.

Our Philosophy

At Shanti Kai, we advocate for the element of the cross; the horizontal and vertical dimensions of health – meaning integrating the spiritual and physical – that is, to bring balance to both the physical body, here in the third dimension, as well as to your spiritual self – the part of your being that resides on higher and different, more vast and complex dimensions. We recommend you use both the holistic and natural, as well as – when necessary – the medical and scientifically proven. By combining both the physical and spiritual, you can achieve the highest levels and greatest order of health.

And… working with Shanti Kai™ Essences as an adjunct to your wellness routine is a great way to consciously do just that! Remember, Essences work best when you consciously work with them – over time. Although they do not require you do anything other than be open to and willing to accept change, you may receive accelerated results and/or enhanced benefits if you apply them as part of a larger, conscious wellness routine and/or as part of (or alongside) other forms of therapeutic healing you may be doing.

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