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Have It All Kit - Shanti Kai™

Why Do I Need to Clear My Aura?

Clearing your aura of unwanted or negative energy is an important part of maintaining well-being. There’s a lot that you can do to stay healthy and take care of yourself, such as exercising, eating well, getting enough rest, and maintaining a positive mindset. However, even if you are doing everything right, you may find that you are still experiencing low energy or unexplained mood changes, and this can often be due to an energetic component out of your conscious sight.

Whether it’s energy from past trauma or stress creating a blockage in your system, or energies that you’ve picked up from your environment and the people you interact with, negative energy can accumulate in your system and impact how you feel. Clearing your aura on a regular basis helps to release these energies so that they can no longer affect you and can help improve your overall well-being.

The Shanti Kai™ Have It All Kit for Clearing and Manifestation

The Have It All Kit from Shanti Kai™ provides a gentle but powerful means for clearing negative or unwanted energies from your aura while bringing in frequencies to help you feel grounded, peaceful, and uplifted. Designed to help you clear your aura, protect your energy, AND manifest your desires, our Have It All Kit helps you create a positive and thriving environment, bringing peace, positivity and harmony into your daily routine and life.

Aura Clearing Kit

The Aura Clearing Kit includes four different essences: Release It™, Clear My Space™, Earth Chakra™, and Lighten Up™, as well as the final step with Violet-White™. Each essence has a specific purpose in helping to clear away negative energies and promote a sense of well-being.

Release It™

Release It™ works deep below the surface to release internal blockages that may have resulted from past trauma or stress. It brings deep internal blockages to the surface, which may cause old feelings such as sadness, fear, or other lower emotions to surface as well. This essence is the first step in the Aura Clearing Kit process.

Clear My Space™

Clear My Space™ helps to clear away the energy that has worked its way to the surface, clearing it out of your aura. It clears negative, non-beneficial energies that you may pick up from your environment and interactions with others on a daily basis. It also deposits frequencies of light and peace in your aura.


Earth Chakra™

Earth Chakra™ helps to replenish your aura after the releasing and clearing steps. It brings in grounding and nourishing Earth energies and supports you by helping you to stay flexible and adaptable, no matter what may come your way.


Lighten Up™

Lighten Up™ helps to bring a sense of lightness and upliftment by clearing lower emotional energies. These energies tend to reside in the outer layers of the aura and need to be cleared so that they do not continue to affect you. This blend may help to improve overall feelings of well-being by bringing in frequencies of unconditional love and wisdom.



Violet-White™ is used in the final step of the Aura Clearing Kit. It helps to raise your vibration to a higher state where lower energies cannot affect you. This essence acts like a vibrational elevator, taking you up several floors past the lower frequencies into a space of light, peace, and total energetic protection.  


Once you have finished clearing your aura, it’s important to add some protection so that you can keep any future negative energies out of your field.


Guardian Angel™

Using Guardian Angel™ is like giving your aura a protective shield that keeps out what you don’t want to let in while still allowing beneficial energies in. Not only that, but this essence helps to promote feelings of safety and the release of fear.


Now that you have cleared and put some protection around your aura, it becomes much easier to attract what it is that you would like more of in life!    


Attract™ helps you manifest, create, and draw in that which you desire or need-  you may find it helpful to pair it with one of the following Essences to help focus its results!  For instance, you may try pairing it with one of these other Essences:


Prosperity™ – Finance Goals

Prosperity™ is specially formulated to help you align with the energies of expansion, success and opportunity and to encourage optimism and creativity.  This blend contains powerful ingredients that help to open the upper chakras and encourage greater overall synchronicity in your life, and help to promote prosperity of all kinds.


Venus™ –  Romantic/Relationship Goals

Venus™ Essence is named for the Goddess of Love, and this blend is designed to encourage romance, as well as encourage harmony in your relationships.  Key flower and mineral synergies help to enhance your confidence, inner beauty, creativity and  grace.


Healer Within™ – Healing Goals

Healer Within™ helps to calm in and soothe of stress, and is designed to promote energies of healing on deep inner levels.  It can help you repair breaks in the aura that result from all kinds of stress and trauma, strengthening your electrical field and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal.  


Suggestions for Working with the Shanti Kai Have It All Kit

To clear, protect, and manifest using this kit, it is recommended that you use each essence one after the other in the order they are listed, following the spray instructions on the bottle or applying throughout your aura as desired. You can apply to your aura spraying approximately two feet away from your body, on all sides, as well as above your head. This kit is great to use on a daily basis for regular energy maintenance or whenever you feel that you need it.


You may also use the kit as prescribed, as a complete system, or use just the clearing steps 1-5 depending on what resonates most with you. If you know how to apply kinesiology or muscle testing, or to otherwise energetically dowse for products that you need most, you may do that as well.

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