All About the Shanti Kai™ Wellness Essence Kit

Shanti Kai Wellness Kit

The Shanti Kai™ Wellness Kit contains the top five Essence blends we feel are the most important for maintaining overall health and well-being, and cover areas that are essential to maintaining wellness on an energetic level. These Essences work to release energetic blocks or stored impurities, promoting inner healing, providing energetic protection against invaders, and encouraging rejuvenation and regeneration. Essences work on the body’s electromagnetic field and affect the physical body as a downstream effect. They work best when used over time, as it takes your body time to replenish and rebuild itself. The Essences in this kit can be used all together, or individually, to tailor to your specific needs. The Wellness Kit contains the following blends:

Release It™ Essence helps release deep seated energy blocks on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that can negatively impact your well-being.

Healer Within™ Essence promotes deep levels of inner healing to help address what is already present within you. It is a very soothing and calming blend, and may be beneficial for alleviating stress, which can be a source of many imbalances. This Essence can be used daily for general support, or acutely (at regular, frequent intervals) when experiencing an episode of overwhelm, until the feeling has shifted

Emerald Light™ Essence is an energizing blend that promotes rejuvenation and healing on all levels through the healing frequencies of the color green. If you tend to become tense, or to collapse inward when not feeling well, or when experiencing stress, this Essence can help you to open back up.

ImmunEase™ Essence helps promote strength, vitality and shielding by teaching your energy field to recognize when there is an invader and to act accordingly. It contains ingredients historically used for blocking types of radiation and other harmful rays that can weaken the physical body.

Shungite Plus™ Essence helps promote healing, detoxification and regeneration, as well as shielding and protection while healing. It assists in clearing the root chakra and purifying your energetic body, which in turn may promote physical healing. This may also be helpful if you are feeling rundown, tired or stressed. It may also be helpful if you don’t have a chance to rest, to clear and protect your energetic field in order to keep working or moving ahead.

“When I started integrating the Wellness Kit into my client work, it transformed my results; my clients didn’t keep coming back with the same issues. Instead they started to improve, change, and in some cases dissolve.” – George P., Acupuncturist, Maryland

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