Elestial Quartz Essence for the April 20,2023 Solar Eclipse


Elestial Quartz Gemstone Essence for the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse

Elestial Quartz Essence Spray - Shanti Kai™

The upcoming solar eclipse, which is set to occur on April 20, 2023, falls in the sign of Aries and in the Ashwini Nakshatra. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth. In Vedic astrology, eclipses are considered to be powerful astrological events that bring about significant changes in your life. To navigate the energies of this eclipse and support your self-care practices, you may want to consider using the Shanti Kai™️ Elestial Quartz Master Essence.

The Shanti Kai™️ Elestial Quartz Master Essence is a synergy of vibrational infusions made from rose, smoky, clear, black, and amethyst Elestial Quartz. Elestial Quartz is a powerful crystal known for its ability to connect you with your higher self, and in Shanti Kai™️ Essence form it can help your energy shift and adapt, enabling you to better navigate challenging times. It is also beneficial in helping you access inner strength and clarity and release emotional blocks, all the while promoting overall well-being.

Since solar eclipses are powerful astrological events that can bring about unexpected changes and challenges, it is also a good time for doing healing work and meditation to seek out guidance on how to better navigate the energies at hand (see our services section for more info – link). As the sun is temporarily obscured by Rahu – symbolizing the absence of light from the earth – it is advisable to practice caution and make decisions carefully during this time, all the while focusing on self-care and self-improvement … which, by the way, makes it an ideal time for working with Shanti Kai™️ Hawaiian Essences!

What’s more? Because this particular eclipse is in Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra, it may bring about a renewed sense of energy and determination, inspiring you to take action towards your goals – start new projects, set intentions, and make plans for the future. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by action-oriented Mars, and is associated with new beginnings, energy, and enthusiasm. Ashwini Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology system and is ruled by Ketu, associated with healing, medicine, and independence – and is often thought of as a higher octave – or accelerated version – of Mars, indicating it may bring about positive changes, particularly related to your health and well-being.

For these reasons – and because it is a Solar Eclipse with Rahu – we also recommend (in addition to our Elestial Quartz Master Essence) working with Shanti Kai™️ Mars™️, Transformation™️, Pele™️, Earth Chakra™️, Golden Aura™️, Healer Within™️, Jasmine Master, Shower Tree Master, Hibiscus Master, Plumeria Master, Rose Master, Removing Obstacles™️, and Harmony™️ Essences. In addition, you may also benefit from our Impatiens, Chinese Lantern, Lava, False Daisy, Night Blooming Jasmine, Noni, Tree Heliotrope, Dogtooth Calcite, Brown Tourmaline and/or Amethyst single ingredient Essences.

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