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Athena Essence
Pomegranate has long since been a symbol of fertility in women. Pomegranate Flower Essence is a key ingredient in Shanti Kai’s Athena Essence Blend™, our blend for women in all stages of life.

It’s loaded with flower essences traditionally used for women’s hormonal balance, gemstones such as Pink Sapphire, and many other powerful ingredients. You may not have access to a fountain of youth, but Athena™ also contains essences that metaphysics suggest “reverse the aging spiral”.

A few tips: Customer feedback has led us to recommend Athena with our Attract Essence™ for those wanting to vibrationally align with pregnancy. Internal testing suggests using Athena™ with our Mom and Baby™ Blend during and after pregnancy for energy balancing. Try Athena™ with our Empower™ Blend when you need to summon your confidence and power up.

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