Working With Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences

Working With Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences

At Shanti Kai™️, one of our more popular purchase options are our Companion Essence duos – when we take two Essence Blends, with each targeting an individual issue (or set of issues), resulting in a boosted, yet refined effect that pulls from the energies of both blends. Below is an attempt to answer some of your inquiries about working with Companion Essences and provide heightened guidance on Essence pairings and application in general.

Since Companion Essences are used together, is it ok if I combine them in a single bottle?

No! It is indeed ok to apply Companion Essences one after the other. There is a succinct yoga to the way Shanti Kai™️ Essences are blended, stored, and energetically sealed. When you purchase them this yoga is locked in, and in general remains unaltered as long as you do not compromise the integrity of the Essence (see Essence Care guidelines in our FAQ.

If you combine Essences into a single container, the synergy of each Essence is compromised. Effective immediately, the core formulations are altered. Over time, more subtle layers increasingly combine, and even compete with one another, and the intended targeted effects of each Essence are changed, altered and nullified. Together, the Essences fall out of balance and no longer have the same benefits as they integrate into your energy.

When you spray them one at a time, even when applied one after the other without delay, there is an instantaneous interaction – and integration – within your energy. This means that when you apply the additional layer (or layers) you still experience the beneficial effects of each individual Essence settling into your field, and as they combine within your aura the vibrational synergy is enhanced. This is certainly not true for how all botanical sprays or aromatherapies interact. Remember, Shanti Kai™ Essences are not sensory (i.e. fragrances or aromatherapy), metaphysical or intention based products. While our Essence Blends may be similar to flower essences or mineral elixirs in nature, they have a different blending science and vibrational synergy (more akin to homeopathics) that sets them apart.

Thus, when you layer Essence on top of Essence, as in a Companion Essence application, the effect is very different than if you were to combine them first in a single bottle or container and then apply. In the former, you are still getting the full spectrum and value of each individual Essence Blend, but they are creating an enhanced, compounded, and slightly different effect as well.

Fine Wine Analogy

Think about when you combine wine with certain foods; a connoisseur can tell you “this wine goes with this cheese and this wine goes with that.”, and so on, whereas someone who has not refined their pallet in this way may think it all the same, or that the only value is in the alcohol content. Similarly, with regards to layering Essences, what you are taking in may seem the same when you are newer to them, or not as sensitive in this way – but the inner experience and the subtleties seen in benefits over time are what sets them apart.

If you combine Essences before applying, you are creating an entirely different blend and it will not have the same effect. It may no longer even target the same areas or issues that the Essence was created to target and affect in the first place. What’s more, in most cases the fullness of it is diminished, and often compromised.

Do I have to apply Essences to the right spot in order for them to work?

Don’t worry too much about how to use the Essences right; as long as they are applied to your energy field, they will get to where they need to go. While it may be a bad analogy, think about taking Advil or Tylenol for a swollen toe; it is not necessary that you inject it into your toe for it to be effective. As long as it gets into your system, it’ll work! How does the pill know where to go? It doesn’t, but it’s designed to target inflammation and it goes where you’re having it! Similarly, on an energetic level, Essences simply go where they’re needed most.

Essences contain nature intelligence – or mana; you needn’t understand how they work, they simply do. They know where they’re needed most – and will go to areas of imbalance and/or weakness first. Simply put, you may experience the subtle but powerful action of Essences more readily (and consciously) if you apply them over an area that is more sensitive and/or receptive to them, as well as if you apply them over an area experiencing a high level of need – such as over areas of tension or discomfort. Think about how you feel when you’re really thirsty; drinking a glass of water is much more appreciated, and you notice its benefits more readily, than if you just casually take a sip because it’s there. Or think about what happens when you have dirt or some kind of filth on a certain part of your physical body and you take a shower. Your whole body is now clean, but you are more aware of the cleanliness over the part of you that was dirty. The soap can go everywhere, but it will do the most work in the areas where it is needed most. While not exact, the concept is similar.

What if I do not have 15 minutes to wait in between spraying Essences? Will they still be effective?

Yes! Waiting a few minutes to apply a different Essence is recommended to allow an Essence to set (i.e. to integrate into your energy field), however, in most cases there is an almost instantaneous response as the Essences interact within your energy – even if applied one right after the other. Companion Essences are perfectly acceptable to layer one on top of the other – it will not diminish their efficacy or affect blend integrity to do so. Highly sensitive individuals, however, may wish to apply one at a time, waiting a minimum of 15-20 minutes in between each Essence, simply to allow time for integration of each.

We recommend waiting 15 minutes minimum in between Essence applications when you have the luxury of waiting this long, simply to allow the sensory experience to unfold and settle in. However, it’s not always convenient or even possible to wait this long, and if you need the benefit of more than one blend, it is perfectly OK to spray them one after the other, or if you’re taking them as drops, to do so without waiting in between.


There are some cases where we would not recommend using one Essence right after the other without waiting in between. Highly sensitive individuals, for example, are more apt to experience energy overload or overwhelm when they attempt to apply Essences too quickly. Thus, depending on your level of sensitivity, it may be preferable to wait longer amounts of time in between applications*.

*If you do not know what it means to be a highly sensitive individual, then chances are, you’re not. (Note this term does not refer to a “highly allergic individual”… please see section on “Are Essences safe?” for more information).

Do I need to do anything special when I apply my Essence?

Yes! Shake the bottle before application – this activates the ingredient base in your Essence bottle.

Where should I spray my Essences for best results?

You can use as directed on the bottle, in the attached brochures and/or catalog pages, or you can follow your intuition and use as you feel guided to. In general, if you experience discomfort somewhere, spray there.  Additionally, the best/most sensitive areas to spray are your:

  • Forehead/3rd eye
  • Temples
  • Neck/throat
  • Base of skull
  • Chest – front/back of heart center
  • Along the spine

Spraying your crown and over areas of exposed skin can also be beneficial. For best results, applying directly on skin is ideal, as this allows a quickened sensory response. You can always just spray in whatever area is suggested on the bottle, and/or throughout your auric field. Additionally, you can think about it metaphorically and ask yourself where you feel or carry your stress and tension, and spray that area as well.

How should I apply my Essence to target specific blockages?

Simply tune into your body and asked the question “when I think about something that frustrates me in life, where do I feel it in my body?” Whatever your answer is, is a good place to apply your Essence.

For emotional balance or blockages, also try spraying:

  • The backs of your kidneys
  • The backs of your knees
  • Abdomen
  • Heart center

If you know that you experience frustration, anger, worry, or other emotions in a certain area or region of your body, try applying over that area as needed, when symptoms arise (and/or before they set in when possible).

Transforming Emotions With Transformation™️ Essence

Transforming Emotions With Transformation™️ Essence

Transforming your Troubles and Elevating Your Emotions

Shanti Kai™️ Transformation™️ Essence can help you persevere through times of challenge, stress, tension and turmoil. It can also be beneficial when you’re trying to summon your inner strength to create positive change in your life, as well as in the lives of those around you. Applied in your home or workplace, it may help you work with energy you might otherwise find unfavorable, channeling it into something higher and more positive. It can also be helpful when feeling at a loss or low point -such as after hearing or receiving bad news, experiencing conflict or pain, and/or simply when having a bad day.

That’s because Transformation™️ is synergized to help you stay afloat, navigating with ease through even the roughest emotional waters. It works in your energy helping to elevate and uplift your spirit, transforming lower frequency emotions into higher ones. Whether your emotions be cinematic or less dramatic, when you’re down and out even the little things can feel traumatic. When overwhelm kicks in and nerves are wound tight, it might just be a little balancing is all you need. Transformation™️ is formulated with vibrational infusions of flowers and minerals from nature, blended together to create a powerful but soft synergy sure to help you uplift, transmute and transcend the negativity within and around you. It works at the level of your energy and is designed to get underneath the layers, so you can heal at the source, transforming from the inside out.


How to Work with Shanti Kai™️ Transformation™️ Essence

We recommend you start by attuning to your breath and allowing yourself to experience whatever it is your feeling – leaning into your emotions rather than repressing, ignoring or avoiding what you feel;
Tune in to where in your body you experience these emotions and then, working with Transformation™️, apply the Essence over this area- front and back (when possible);
Additionally, you may also want to spray the more sensitive areas which include the:

  • Third eye/ forehead,crown,
  • Neck/ throat,
  • Base of the skull,
  • Heart center,
  • Along the spine,
  • Abdomen,
  • Anywhere else you may feel symptoms of stress, tension, or emotional discord arising.

If you have a process such as journaling, meditation, or a guided visualization technique, a mantra or affirmation process- or something of the like that you would like to use, it would be advisable at this point. Specifically, you may wish to visualize whatever feeling or emotion you are having being transformed into one that is at a higher frequency level than you were originally at. You may wish to follow up with an Essence such as Shanti Kai™️ Frequencies of White Light™️, Violet White™️, Amethyst Light™️, Harmony™️, or even simply repeat with a second application of Transformation™️ followed by several deep breaths.

Please note, however, if you are in a hurry and do not have time, simply allowing a moment for the Essences to process while you stay with your breath, allows them to go in and shift the energy that is coming up.

Examples of Working with Transformation™️ for Emotional Transmutation:

Transformation™️ for Shame, Blame and Guilt

Shame is the lowest vibrating emotion. Shame is a form of unworthiness. If you are carrying shame, it is like wearing a pair of leaded boots. So what you want to do is visualize, sense or imagine the shame being transformed into a higher frequency emotion. In this case it is easy, because everything else that you possibly could feel is higher than the vibrational frequency of shame (and unworthiness) so even if you get angry, its a sign that the energy is moving up and into a higher state.

When experiencing feelings of unworthiness, guilt, blame or shame, identify where it is in your body that you were experiencing it, and apply front and back over this area, along with the aforementioned sensitive points. Breathe into it and allow yourself to feel, see, or sense the emotional energy moving up and out. If it transforms into another negative emotion, such as anger or frustration, you may want to reapply to the essence and continue working with it, following the steps above until you are in a more comfortable place.


Transformation™️ for Anger, Fear and Frustration

Shanti Kai™️ Transformation™️ Essence can also be used to help allay feelings of anger, including frustration, confusion, resentment and other emotions within this range. And in fact, it’s entirely possible that even if you start with another emotion, such as sadness. shame or fear, you may encounter feelings of frustration or anger as you breathe into it and allow it to come up. In this case, you might actually want to put an intention behind it, such as to transform the experience of anger into understanding and compassion. In order to get there, you may need to apply this a few times, breathing into it, and allowing it to come up and out, before you’re able to make space for an alternate perspective to set in. It may be helpful to remember that when you allow yourself to stay angry, that whatever you are angry at has your power. By the same token, not acknowledging your anger can allow it to remain stuck in your body, resulting in caged rage and other problems- including those of a more physical nature. So it’s important to give it an outlet, to be with it, and to allow it to be transformed.


Transformation™️ for Sadness and Disappointment

If, on the other hand, you are experiencing sadness or disappointment, feeling angry is still a vibrational improvement. What’s more, it may in fact be a phase the energy needs to pass through before it can clear. As you process the sadness, the anger might come up because of whatever you are mad at that made you sad. As you continue to work with this, eventually you will begin to feel the joy on the other side. Have patience, however, because depending on how much inner work you have previously done, it might not happen right away; you may need to do some other conscious form of healing work or therapy in order to arrive at this point.


Healing Modalities at Shanti Kai™️

At Shanti Kai™️ we offer a plethora of services designed to work in tandem with our vibrational essence products, helping you reach transformative states of healing and well being. Check out our Services Page for a list of modalities including Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR), Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Breath Work, Shanti Kai™️ Vibrational Essence Therapies, and more!


Final Thoughts

It’s not always necessary or plausible to make giant leaps toward healing- indeed sometimes baby steps are the best you can do. Think What About Bob, the movie with Bill Murray, where he went to therapy and learned baby steps- giving himself a vacation from his problems, While we don’t recommend you crash someone else’s vacation (an ode to the movie), processing what you’re feeling, should at the very least help you begin to climb up the “emotional ladder” creating space from the problems that previously bothered you. (If only Bob had our Transformation™️ Essence, things could’ve turned out so different for him). Sometimes baby steps are truly the best you can do, and we recommend that you simply keep with it. Repeat this exercise as often as you need, and continue to work through the layers, applying Transformation™️ Essence and empowering yourself to work through, move through and rise above what ails you.

Elestial Quartz Gemstone Essence for the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse

Elestial Quartz Gemstone Essence for the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse

The upcoming solar eclipse, which is set to occur on April 20, 2023, falls in the sign of Aries and in the Ashwini Nakshatra. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth. In Vedic astrology, eclipses are considered to be powerful astrological events that bring about significant changes in your life. To navigate the energies of this eclipse and support your self-care practices, you may want to consider using the Shanti Kai™️ Elestial Quartz Master Essence.

The Shanti Kai™️ Elestial Quartz Master Essence is a synergy of vibrational infusions made from rose, smoky, clear, black, and amethyst Elestial Quartz. Elestial Quartz is a powerful crystal known for its ability to connect you with your higher self, and in Shanti Kai™️ Essence form it can help your energy shift and adapt, enabling you to better navigate challenging times. It is also beneficial in helping you access inner strength and clarity and release emotional blocks, all the while promoting overall well-being.

Since solar eclipses are powerful astrological events that can bring about unexpected changes and challenges, it is also a good time for doing healing work and meditation to seek out guidance on how to better navigate the energies at hand (see our services section for more info – link). As the sun is temporarily obscured by Rahu – symbolizing the absence of light from the earth – it is advisable to practice caution and make decisions carefully during this time, all the while focusing on self-care and self-improvement … which, by the way, makes it an ideal time for working with Shanti Kai™️ Hawaiian Essences!

What’s more? Because this particular eclipse is in Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra, it may bring about a renewed sense of energy and determination, inspiring you to take action towards your goals – start new projects, set intentions, and make plans for the future. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by action-oriented Mars, and is associated with new beginnings, energy, and enthusiasm. Ashwini Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology system and is ruled by Ketu, associated with healing, medicine, and independence – and is often thought of as a higher octave – or accelerated version – of Mars, indicating it may bring about positive changes, particularly related to your health and well-being.

For these reasons – and because it is a Solar Eclipse with Rahu – we also recommend (in addition to our Elestial Quartz Master Essence) working with Shanti Kai™️ Mars™️, Transformation™️, Pele™️, Earth Chakra™️, Golden Aura™️, Healer Within™️, Jasmine Master, Shower Tree Master, Hibiscus Master, Plumeria Master, Rose Master, Removing Obstacles™️, and Harmony™️ Essences. In addition, you may also benefit from our Impatiens, Chinese Lantern, Lava, False Daisy, Night Blooming Jasmine, Noni, Tree Heliotrope, Dogtooth Calcite, Brown Tourmaline and/or Amethyst single ingredient Essences.

All About the Have It All Aura Clearing Essence Kit

All About the Have It All Aura Clearing Essence Kit

Why Do I Need to Clear My Aura?

Clearing your aura of unwanted or negative energy is an important part of maintaining well-being. There’s a lot that you can do to stay healthy and take care of yourself, such as exercising, eating well, getting enough rest, and maintaining a positive mindset. However, even if you are doing everything right, you may find that you are still experiencing low energy or unexplained mood changes, and this can often be due to an energetic component out of your conscious sight.

Whether it’s energy from past trauma or stress creating a blockage in your system, or energies that you’ve picked up from your environment and the people you interact with, negative energy can accumulate in your system and impact how you feel. Clearing your aura on a regular basis helps to release these energies so that they can no longer affect you and can help improve your overall well-being.

The Shanti Kai™ Have It All Kit for Clearing and Manifestation

The Have It All Kit from Shanti Kai™ provides a gentle but powerful means for clearing negative or unwanted energies from your aura while bringing in frequencies to help you feel grounded, peaceful, and uplifted. Designed to help you clear your aura, protect your energy, AND manifest your desires, our Have It All Kit helps you create a positive and thriving environment, bringing peace, positivity and harmony into your daily routine and life.

Aura Clearing Kit

The Aura Clearing Kit includes four different essences: Release It™, Clear My Space™, Earth Chakra™, and Lighten Up™, as well as the final step with Violet-White™. Each essence has a specific purpose in helping to clear away negative energies and promote a sense of well-being.

Release It™

Release It™ works deep below the surface to release internal blockages that may have resulted from past trauma or stress. It brings deep internal blockages to the surface, which may cause old feelings such as sadness, fear, or other lower emotions to surface as well. This essence is the first step in the Aura Clearing Kit process.

Clear My Space™

Clear My Space™ helps to clear away the energy that has worked its way to the surface, clearing it out of your aura. It clears negative, non-beneficial energies that you may pick up from your environment and interactions with others on a daily basis. It also deposits frequencies of light and peace in your aura.


Earth Chakra™

Earth Chakra™ helps to replenish your aura after the releasing and clearing steps. It brings in grounding and nourishing Earth energies and supports you by helping you to stay flexible and adaptable, no matter what may come your way.


Lighten Up™

Lighten Up™ helps to bring a sense of lightness and upliftment by clearing lower emotional energies (such as sadness or depressed energy). These energies tend to reside in the outer layers of the aura and need to be cleared so that they do not continue to affect you. This blend may help to improve overall feelings of well-being by bringing in frequencies of unconditional love and wisdom.



Violet-White™ is used in the final step of the Aura Clearing Kit. It helps to raise your vibration to a higher state where lower energies cannot affect you. This essence acts like a vibrational elevator, taking you up several floors past the lower frequencies into a space of light, peace, and total energetic protection.  


Once you have finished clearing your aura, it’s important to add some protection so that you can keep any future negative energies out of your field.


Guardian Angel™

Using Guardian Angel™ is like giving your aura a protective shield that keeps out what you don’t want to let in while still allowing beneficial energies in. Not only that, but this essence helps to promote feelings of safety and the release of fear.


Now that you have cleared and put some protection around your aura, it becomes much easier to attract what it is that you would like more of in life!    


Attract™ helps you manifest, create, and draw in that which you desire or need-  you may find it helpful to pair it with one of the following Essences to help focus its results!  For instance, you may try pairing it with one of these other Essences:


Prosperity™ – Finance Goals

Prosperity™ is specially formulated to help you align with the energies of expansion, success and opportunity and to encourage optimism and creativity.  This blend contains powerful ingredients that help to open the upper chakras and encourage greater overall synchronicity in your life, and help to promote prosperity of all kinds.


Venus™ –  Romantic/Relationship Goals

Venus™ Essence is named for the Goddess of Love, and this blend is designed to encourage romance, as well as encourage harmony in your relationships.  Key flower and mineral synergies help to enhance your confidence, inner beauty, creativity and  grace.


Healer Within™ – Healing Goals

Healer Within™ helps to calm in and soothe of stress, and is designed to promote energies of healing on deep inner levels.  It can help you repair breaks in the aura that result from all kinds of stress and trauma, strengthening your electrical field and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal.  


Suggestions for Working with the Shanti Kai Have It All Kit

To clear, protect, and manifest using this kit, it is recommended that you use each essence one after the other in the order they are listed, following the spray instructions on the bottle or applying throughout your aura as desired. You can apply to your aura spraying approximately two feet away from your body, on all sides, as well as above your head. This kit is great to use on a daily basis for regular energy maintenance or whenever you feel that you need it.


You may also use the kit as prescribed, as a complete system, or use just the clearing steps 1-5 depending on what resonates most with you. If you know how to apply kinesiology or muscle testing, or to otherwise energetically dowse for products that you need most, you may do that as well.

The Healing Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Essence

The Healing Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Essence

Discover The Healing Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence

For centuries, Hibiscus Flower Essence has been celebrated for its array of medicinal properties. This liquid extract is created using the vibrational energy of over 22 varieties of hand selected Hibiscus Flowers, which results in a powerful Essence used in natural healing practices. Experience the magic of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence for yourself.

Working with Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Essence can be especially beneficial if you experience one or more of the following:

– Long hours seated at a desk and/or discomfort and issues your low back or hips
– Issues in your legs, feet, and/or spine
– Lack of motivation
– Hormonal issues
– Depressed energies or loss of passion for life
– Worry about the future
– Repetitive unpleasant thoughts, memories and/or feelings from the past
– Digestive/elimination imbalance
– Guilt, shame, and/or unworthiness, especially relating to relationship issues
– Trouble sitting for meditation
– Anger and/or tightness in your hips

Balances Lower Chakras

Our Hibiscus Master™ Flower Essence is a wonderful tool for balancing issues relating to your lower chakras. It promotes stability, grounding, and vitality, and encourages the release of lower chakra blocks, which may contain stored memories or stored trauma from early family life (i.e. childhood trauma), and stored emotion regarding your past.

Promotes Emotional Well-being

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence has a unique ability to guide individuals through difficult emotional challenges. Due to its calming effects, Hibiscus Essence may be helpful in alleviating anxiety, stress, and other emotional blockages, helping to promote overall emotional well-being.

Aids In Spiritual Upliftment

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence has also been used to enhance spiritual awareness and aid in meditation practices. This Essence promotes inner reflection, helping to bring about feelings of peace and inner harmony.

Helps Balance Physical Health

The benefits of Hibiscus Master Flower Essence extend beyond emotional and spiritual well-being. Hibiscus Essence has been known to promote physical wellness and may help balance energies underlying problems in the lower chakras, including those related to the digestive and reproductive chakras. 


Hibiscus Essence can moreover be especially helpful if you spend long hours seated at a desk, or if you experience discomfort in your low back or hips.   It may further be beneficial for energies of circulation, hormones, relaxation and sleep- remembering of course, that Essences work in your energy field, and affect the physical body as a downstream event.

Gives Support for Life Transitions

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence can be especially balancing during major life transitions which may include  divorce, death, job loss or other major upheavals. Its Essences can help to calm the mind and steady your emotions, making it easier to move forward with confidence and clarity. Using its Essence directly on your feet, legs, hips, low back and spine (i.e. areas relating to your Root and Sacral Chakras) can help clear blocked energies, bringing greater overall balance and flow, so you can continue to move forward in life. It’s Essence teaches you to be present, and if it had an affirmation it would be : “Love this moment. This moment is your life.”

Aids Healthy Skin

You probably know Hibiscus contains AHAs which help to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and encourage cell renewal. This process helps to reduce inflammation and irritation that can lead to acne and blemishes. What’s even better however, is that in Essence form, Hibiscus helps create greater emotional harmony and balance, and is a great tool for resolving trauma that underlies problems with skin.   


Trauma and emotional imbalance,  if left unchecked, can manifest in your skin. You’ve seen the studies that show anger can manifest as blemishes, rash, pimples, or even acne.  Anger, if unchecked, can lead to frustrations with your skin as it finds a way to manifest outwardly- and release.  As you work with Hibiscus Essences and move toward achieving greater balance, it is natural that you would see the benefits in your appearance, especially your skin – its Essence helps you transform underlying imbalance, clearing your energy from the inside out.

Tips on How to Use Hibiscus Master Essence:

Learn more about this powerful healing agent and consider adding it to your daily routine:

How to use Hibiscus Essence:

For maximum benefit, try spraying Hibiscus Master Essence over your:

Third Eye,
Base of the skull,
Along your spine,

As well as over the front and back of your:

Base Chakras

You may spray all of these areas at once or rotate each area with alternating use**. You can use this anytime you feel you could use some energetic support with any of these areas and to promote balance, motivation and greater passion for life.

You may also enjoy working with Hibiscus Master Essence in the following ways:

Use before meditation to help prepare your foundation so you can sit for longer periods, until ultimately you can still both body and mind for long periods of time.

Use before sitting for work, especially if you work in an office or cubicle type setting where you are seated for long hours. It may help you energetically balance and align your sitting bones so that over time you do not develop problems due to discomfort.

Use as a room spray before working on projects or group gatherings as it may help to bring passion into whatever you are working on.

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