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Essences for Love – Valentine’s Essence Features – Video

Well, its February and that means we're featuring some of our favorite Essences for love...but before we roll out our all time best selling Essence blends, we thought we'd take a moment to honor some of the flowers, minerals and orchids...

ImmunEase™ for Boosting Energies of Immunity at Night

Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™ and Sleep ImmunEase™ is our premier Essence for Immune System Intelligence. Your body has an innate intuitive intelligence system that knows how to keep you safe and protected. When you sleep, your cells go to work building up your cellular...

Guardian Angel™ Essence For Sleep, Rest and Stress

How it Works Vibrational Essences work best when you pay attention to disturbances in your mind and emotions. Feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety… being unable to rest or find sleep….these are all signs of imbalance in your energy. Pro-actively mitigating them is...

Clearing and Balancing Emotional Energy With Lighten Up™ Essence

About Lighten Up™ Emotional stress can weigh you down, dampening your emotions and weighing heavy on your heart. Lighten Up™ : A Walk in the Clouds is our premier Master Essence Blend for emotional clearing and mental lightening.  Lighten Up™ goes to work clearing...

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