Celebrating April Birthstone with Shanti Kai™ Diamond Essence

Diamond Essence Blend

We’re celebrating the April birthstone with Shanti Kai™ Diamond Master Blend. This essence is infused with a blend of 14 different colors and types of Diamond Vibrational Essences, and it’s enhanced with pure therapeutic grade Rose Essential Oil. It’s great for working with Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and it’s also known to benefit pulling energetic toxins from the physical body.

Here’s a tip – “Lift the hair and spray in a ring around the head – as if you were wearing a crown. Spray right where the crown would go, including the temples, third eye, base of skull and forehead. Relax, breathe and notice the immediate release.”

This essence may benefit head tension, meditation, mental focus, and physical recovery. Read more about our Essence of the month by visiting our Diamond product page or stop in and try it yourself at one of our retailers such as Sedona Hawaii and Coyote Moon.

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