Celebrate Love with our Jasmine™ Essence

Love Jasmine

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”    – Mother Teresa.

Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day with the Shanti Kai™ Valentine Companion Essences featuring Jasmine™ our Master Essence for Higher Love. Our Jasmine™ Essence has a rich but subtle Jasmine essential oil aroma and is formulated with vibrational infusions from 13 Flowers, Gemstones and Minerals, including Jasmine Tree Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine and and Dark Pink Topaz. These ingredients work in synergy to help increase feelings of love, peace, affection and compassion.

One can pair Jasmine™ with our Attract™ Essence to magnify this blend and to help draw in people and experiences who resonate with these virtues. There is an expression “you’re not depressed you’re just surrounded by the wrong people”…actually “wrong people” is not what the expression says but rather A-bleep). It is important to have people in your life that love and support you. If you find yourself surrounded by the “wrong” people or just needing to feel more connected to unconditional love, this is the combo for you.

On another note, one can pair Jasmine™ with Venus™ to help expand the nature of romantic love to include unconditional love, support and compassion. Often relationships start off strong but begin to fizzle when one realizes their partner isn’t perfect… time to breakout the Venus and Jasmine™ Companion essences and work on developing that unconditional love energy.

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