Essences for Mothers Day: How Nature Can Help You Heal


Celebrating Mother’s Day: How Nature Can Help You Heal

Mother's Day Essences - Shanti Kai™

Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the women who have played a nurturing and supportive role in your life. It’s a day for expressing gratitude, showing love, and acknowledging the sacrifices that your mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures have made!   However, for many of you, Mother’s Day might also be a challenging or painful time. Perhaps you have lost a mother or mother figure, or you have a strained relationship with them. Alternatively, you might be struggling to become a mother yourself, or to reconcile the challenges you faced with your own mothering journey.

At Shanti Kai™️, we believe that nature has the power to heal, to bring you back to your optimal well being and highest good- AND, to help you heal your mother-related issues.  Our Essences are made from the highest vibrational frequencies found in nature and possess the aloha spirit – the profound heart-opening energy that embodies the Hawaiian islands, and especially its nature kingdom.

Shanti Kai™️ Essences are highly pure, vibrant, vibrational infusions of flowers, minerals, orchids, and other healing frequencies, synergistically blended to help you balance and heal – restoring your energy so you can achieve your highest good and true potential.  They do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins and thus do not present the dangers of side effects, as medications do.  They are not botanical or aroma sprays; they do, however, contain ~2-3 drops (per 2 oz spray) of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil, added for sensory experience, but can be made without upon special request.*   (Note: our droppers do NOT contain essential oil).  They thus present a safe, all natural, effective means for you to heal, AND, specifically, this Mother’s Day- or anytime you find your mother issues being triggered- provide a way back from past hurts, by connecting you to your own innate inner sense of peace and spiritual connection.

Here are a few ways you can use our essence products to tap into this healing power this Mother’s Day:

Clear and Nurture Your Space  

One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to honor and heal your relationship with your mother is to create a clean, nurturing space for yourself. Shanti Kai™️ Clear My Space™️ Essence can help you do this by clearing unwanted energies and negativity. Release It™️ is another option for removing deep impurities and energetic blockages from your energy field, space or place, and when used with Clear My Space™️, can work as a deep cleanse that goes beneath the surface, reaching deep into the source, clearing the problem or issue from within.  By creating a pure and positive environment around you, you can feel more grounded and centered in your own Energy.

Additionally, you can also use Shanti Kai™️’ Lighten Up™️ and/ or Harmony™️ Essences to help clear emotional baggage and bring greater mind- body- spirit balance into your life.   Lighten Up™️ Essence is designed to help release emotional deposits from your energy field and space, clearing emotional imprints and blockages and restoring energetic purity.  It is a great choice for those of you looking to emotionally cleanse- and can help you to release old memory from energies in your home, vehicle and/or office. Harmony™️ Essence can help balance and soothe the energies within your environment as well as promote a sense of calm and balance in your life- it is great for getting all three wheels (mind, body and spirit) back into alignment. Violet White™️ can also be beneficial when used in your home, as well as over your forehead, crown, spine and heart, to invoke the light and help invite in higher energies of spirituality and healing. Additionally, Earth Chakra™️ can also be used to help balance and replenish a place or space- or even your own energy and may be especially beneficial to use after working with any or all of our Essences for releasing and clearing.

By using these Essences either individually or in combination together, you can bring in powerful healing that helps you clear any blockages or negativity, creating an environment from which you can better “mother yourself” or rather, your own inner child.

Which brings us to our next recommended Shanti Kai™ Essence for Mothers Day

Invoke Nurturing Within You With Inner Child

Shanti Kai™️ Inner Child™️ is exactly what it sounds like- a blend of flower and mineral essences formulated to soothe your soul and nourish you on a deep level, helping you heal issues from your past, and helping you to become increasingly whole.  You may also work with it, or other Essences such as Jasmine Love™️ or Jasmine Master™️, to help absolve tendencies toward emotional eating and/or other unhealthy habits.  So often these issues and behaviors may have arisen from a feeling of emptiness or a desire to feel a void in your life,  and/or to yourself from underlying painful issues or problems.

You may also like our Amethyst Light™️, or Sahasrara Crown Chakra Essences to help heal issues surrounding self- esteem and reclaiming your own inner royalty and worthiness- something that can be missing if you lacked nurturing early on.

In addition here are a few other suggestions for invoking nurturing and a sense of safety, protection and wholeness from within:

African Tulip Tree: For invoking feelings of nurturing and protection- the way a mother nurtures her young.

Andalusite: For benefiting nursing mothers and infants alike, this essence has historically been believed to help breast milk flow * (see disclaimer)

Brassidium Orchid: For balancing energies of the nervous system,

Emerald: For help with the healing of childhood trauma if your mother was unable to supply needed nurturing.

Green Quartz or Phantom (Ghost) Quartz: For healing and rejuvenating the heart and emotions which so frequently hold memory of early childhood pain.

Jade Vine: For healing issues of fragmentation, soul loss and dissociation due to early childhood trauma and/or lack of nurturing from your mother.

Morganite: For help resolving mother issues through its balancing action on the female heart meridian.

Nanea: For help with feeling protected, soothed and nurtured, especially if your mother wasn’t there to do so.

Queen Emma Spider Lily: For help with healing fragmentation from mother issues and issues of self worth, and reclaiming a sense of inner royalty that may have been missing since birth.

Rose Quartz: For help resolving issues you’ve taken on from your mother figure, especially regarding men, and/or your father or father figure.

Kilauea Rose: For help healing issues of trust as well as helping you learn to better discern the truth.

Turks Turban: For promoting feelings of worthiness and connection to the Divine, so essential to finding the strength to work through deeper levels of trauma; 

Violet Agate:  For helping mothers to balance the need for nurturing and healing with necessary discipline with children.

Connect with the Earth and Help Balance Mother Issues in Your Feet and Legs

 Another way to find healing and grounding this Mother’s Day is to connect with your earth mother-instead of or in addition to your earthly mother.  Our Earth Chakra™️ Essence can help you feel more rooted and centered in your own energy, connected to Mother Earth.  Made from natural and organic ingredients, this essence is designed to support your body and mind with evolutionary gemstones and flowers that promote adaptability, grounding and strength.

Other Shanti Kai™ Essences that can help you bring greater balance, strength, and flexibility to the energies of your legs and feet- so that you feel more aligned and rooted include:

Other Essences That Increase Grounding and Strengthen Your Mother Earth Connection:

Alexandrite: For increasing your love for the earth…because if you can’t be out enjoying it loving it’s the next best thing.

Andalusite: For aligning your upper chakras with your sacral and earth star chakras, helping you reach for the stars while staying grounded;

Axinite: For connecting with earth energy for transformation.

Black Quartz: For clearing and energizing the legs, spine and feet, as well as helping to purify the Earth beneath;

Black Tourmaline– For Increasing grounding and protection as well as dissolving negative energies that could otherwise block your nurturing and growth;

Brown Calcite– For helping to ease worry and increase feelings of nurturing and safety as well as helps strengthen of your connection to the Earth;

Brown Diamond: For clearing blockages that would impede your ability to connect to Mother Earth through the energy centers in your root, legs and feet;

Calcite MasterFor increasing protection and helping ease a worried mind, as well as strengthening the base chakras and increases connection to the Earth-Plane.

Dravite Tourmaline: For increasing feelings of safety and balancing energies of your legs, feet, and hips- helping increase your earth connection;

Heterogenite: For balancing base chakras and bringing increasing rootedness of overall energy, including legs and feet;

Hibiscus Master: For balancing the Root and Sacral Chakra’s, as well as spine, hips, legs and feet – healing, any trauma stored in these regions, related to childhood, or even birth experiences.

Plumeria: For lightening the feet chakras and increasing feelings of safety and ease.

Lady Slipper Orchids: For lightening the feet chakras and connecting with Venus energy for more love and harmony.

Muladhara Root Chakra: For balancing and strengthening the Root Chakra- which connects the spinal energies to the lower half of body as well as helps heal issues of lack so often due to early childhood trauma that are stored in this region;

Purple Verbena: For increasing flexibility in energies related to the spine as well as promotes greater adaptability and strength when facing challenges in life;

Tourmaline Master: For balancing all seven chakras and helps restore connection and harmony;

These natural and holistic remedies are designed to support your body and mind with gentle earthy vibrations, bringing stability and balance to the lower body, which can contribute to a greater sense of overall well-being.

Essences to Invoke Creativity and Help Heal Your Birth Related Creative Blocks

Mother-related issues can have a profound effect on how well you develop your creativity, and in some cases, can even lead to creative blocks. For instance, if you have experienced neglect, trauma, or abuse at the hands of your mother (or even mother like figure), you may struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, self-doubt, or other psychological and psycho-spiritual issues.  These psychological and emotional challenges can stifle you, preventing you from expressing yourself freely and even subconsciously create blocks to having children, and/ or conceiving. What’s more, if you have experienced the loss of your mother (or mother figure) you may find it difficult to find the motivation or inspiration to create, feeling weighed down by your grief. Even if you have positive relationship with your mother you may still feel at times overwhelmed by the societal expectations surrounding entering into motherhood, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

Lucky for you, Shanti Kai™ has a plethora of Essences that can help stimulate creativity and heal any mother-related creative blockages:

Attract™: For manifesting, creating, and drawing in, according to your highest creative potential.

Bougainvillea Master (or any variation): For increasing your creative potential and attracting new energy to you.

Bird of Paradise: For Focusing your creative potential;

Bixbite For invoking creativity and passion.

Coral Creeper (Red Barelia): For invoking creativity and passion.

Cycnoches Orchid: For opening up the flow of blocked energy.

Dendrobium Orchid Master: For flexing your creative muscle and increasing the flow of ideas to and through you.

Gigantea Rhyn Orchid Master: For spreading the wings of your heart and expanding what you have to offer.

Goddess Power: For connecting to the Divine Mother within you and empowering your creative potential.

Obsidian- Master, Hawaiian, or Black Master: For releasing subconscious blockages in the base chakras that could otherwise hinder your creativity.

Orange Sapphire: For stimulating creative energies in the Sacral and Crown Chakras;

Pele™: For connecting with the fiery side of Mother Earth and invoking your creative passion.

Pomegranate: For stimulating energies of creativity.

Red Calcite: For increasing grounding and presence while accessing your creativity and passion.

Ruby-Kyanite: For manifesting your passions into reality

Spathoglottis: For surrendering energies that would weigh you down and block your creative potential.

Spirit or Cathedral Quartz: For stimulating energies of creation and birthing new things into being.

Svadhisthana Chakra™: For balancing your Sacral Chakra, releasing self-limitations and enhancing the flow of creativity to and through you.

Venus™: For aligning with all things Venus and invoking the love, passion and creative energy needed to birth new beauty into being – to, through, and around you.

Wulfenite-Mimetite: For promoting original thinking and birthing creativity;

Zigzag Plant: For enhancing creative energies.

Final Word on Working With Our Shanti Kai™ Mother’s Day Featured Essence Products

Remember, Shanti Kai™ Essences require only that you be open to and ready to receive change, however they often work best when consciously worked with and coupled to healthy lifestyle choices. We recommend working with them overtime for optimal benefits. As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and use nature to help heal any issues related to a mother figure. Whether you’re looking to honor the mothers in your life, connect with your own inner mothering instinct, or simply find peace and grounding in a difficult time, our essence products and services can support you on this journey!

Shop the Shanti Kai™ Mother’s Day Featured Essence Collection today to find the perfect gift for your the ones you love -or yourself, and/or check out our Services section! AND…while your here, don’t forget to checkout our unique selection of Handmade Malas and Sterling Silver Jewelry– on sale now …. Or pick up a GIFT CARD!

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