Christmas Divinity Companion Essences

Christmas Divinity Companion EssencesChristmas Divinity Companion Essences: Guardian Angel & Golden Aura – on sale for 20% OFF for a limited time!

Guardian Angel™ and Golden Aura™ are our two top Essences for protection and increased energy shielding.

Golden Aura™ is our Christ Consciousness Blend – containing some of the highest frequency and most energizing orchids, gems, and flowers.

Guardian Angel™ is our Celestial Blend which many use to invoke the presence of Archangel Michael. It also contains a combination of essences which way may help release fear, increase feelings of safety, as well as benefit the Heart Chakra. A great choice to embrace the Divine Essence of the season and/or to increase shielding from energy depletion and unwanted or negative energies.

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