Shanti Kai™ Clarity Essence™: Knowing from the Heart What to do

Clarity Essence

Since Water Lily is the birth flower of July, and our Water Lily Essence is 15% off this month, we thought it would be a great time to feature our Clarity™ Essence Blend, in which this flower is an ingredient!

Clarity™ Essence is the perfect blend for anyone looking for direction in their life, whether it be to navigate indecision, conflict, loss or confusion. If you’re not sure what next step to take in a particular situation, using this Essence may help to lead you from one step to the next. While mental clarity is more closely associated with activities such as test taking, Clarity™ Essence encourages emotional clarity, which stems from the heart, and may ultimately lead to mental clarity as well.

See what our customers are saying about Clarity™ Essence:

“I was struggling a lot with my relationship, because of current problems and also scars from my past getting reignited. I was at a crossroads, deeply confused about what to do and how to move forward. Clarity really helped me see what was truly going on. I took clarity every day and it really helped me shift into a space of being clear and knowing what steps to take and what decisions were right for me.” -Allison

“The past couple of months of my life had been really challenging. I found myself getting lost in all the details, unable to make any decisions with any sense of confidence. I started using clarity throughout the day when a felt troubled by a decision I had to make. It really helped me to feel settled in my ability to make the right choice at the right time.” -Ryan

“In regards to relationships and whether reaching out to certain people is healthy for me or not, this #essence has been helping me to become more clear about which actions and decisions are going to support my highest good and to feel more comfort and conviction in those choices. Really effective when confusion reigns and no choice seems like the right choice.” -Anna

“I was feeling really down and depressed, disappointed with where I was in my career. Certain things just weren’t taking off and I wasn’t sure if it was even worth going forward. Every time I felt this way I would use the Clarity™ and Hope Essence sprays together and somehow without really thinking about it I would lift back up and find the inspiration to keep going. Over time I realized by doing this I was on a much better path and things eventually did start happening.” -Maya[ultimate_spacer height=”6″]

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