Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ for Creating Energetic Boundaries and Not Taking On Fear

Energy Maintenance

Oftentimes, you absorb the vibrations of others, including subconscious programming from the world around you (i.e. tv commercials, ads, radio stations, social media, and many other sources). Unknowingly you take these outside energies in and make them your own, integrating them into your life and never stopping and asking why you are feeling or thinking (or even behaving) a certain way. Often when you are uneasy or feel out of sorts, especially when it’s beyond what is rational perspective, it may be because you are absorbing outside energy and playing off of it, usually at the expense of how you feel about yourself and others. Especially during times of stress and worry, and even crisis, such as when fear associated with the coronavirus became rampant, with all the the travel warnings, school closures, workplace changes,
grocery store shortages, and other adjustments we were being asked to make in the name of safety… it became more important than ever to have proper energetic boundaries and to NOT take in unnecessary fear and anxiety (that can actually induce self harm). Doing so can lower your vibration, escalate your stress, and make it more likely you will become ill as you’re increasingly weakened by anxiety and made more vulnerable.

Just as you must have proper diet, exercise, and other self care, … you must also care for your energy field and auric space! You take a shower for your physical cleansing; shampoo to clean your hair, sage or soak in salts to cleanse your physical aura… but what about all the other layers of your energy field? We’ve got lots of answers for this! Shanti Kai™ offers a plethora of energy cleansers (and protection products) so you can choose the ones that are right for you, but here we want to focus on our top two best selling energy tools for cleansing and protecting: Shanti Kai™ Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ can help you develop and maintain the energetic boundaries and create the energetic head space you need to get clear and recognize when you are picking up “unwanted guests” in your auric field. While it’s true that our products vibrationally affect your auric field and can clear out energies from others in your proximity, they also can influence and raise the vibration of others in your proximity… because when you’re resonating at a higher frequency, you make it easier for those around you to join in and lift up with you, thereby raising their own vibration.

​​Ironic as it may sound, even when you are alone or surrounded by less people than is your norm, when people are stirred up by fear (such as during the coronavirus crisis), it is more important than ever to maintain proper energetic boundaries. Using Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ to help clear out energies and create boundaries WITHIN your physical proximity, however, is only one of the benefits these products have… They also work long distance! That’s right, we are more often than not affected by energy that travels through communication lines, social media, television, etc; in other words, you don’t have to go anywhere or be around anyone to pick up “energy” from outside people and situations. And that’s not always such a bad thing! Some of it may be favorable… for example, getting excited with a friend who has good news, or sharing an uplifting message with your family… (and you don’t need to enact boundaries for energies in this higher love frequency). But because energy travels irrespective of proximity and consciousness is everywhere, strengthening your energetic boundaries can make a huge difference regardless of where you’re at or who you’re with.

We recommend using these two companion essences as a daily ritual, and increasing as needed during times of crisis and stress. It is possible to create a container of safety and calm within oneself, and within one’s home and life … but without the right tools … it’s not easy!

Practitioner Tip: For health practitioners or those highly sensitive to energies (or empathic) we recommend using in between clients or whenever you’re around or connecting with other people and/or energies (including connecting virtually).

“[Guardian Angel™] is a most wonderful spray to use for protection when I am at work since in my workplace we are situated in cubicles in a large room. I am sensitive to energies around me and with the Guardian Spray, It does help in protecting my own energy, or auric field, and during my work phone calls as I also can feel the energy of the caller. I have also found that by using this essence during meditation or channeling, I feel and receive a deeper sense of connection. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!”Jerilyn, Psychologist / Counselor

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