Clear out Negative Energy with our Clear My Space™ Essence

Clear Out Negative Energy with Clear My Space

Clear out negative energy and draw in frequencies of peace and light with our Clear My Space™ Essence, so you can go into the new year with your best foot forward!  Why do I need an Essence to clear my energy, you might ask?  We often pick up negative or unwanted energies from our environments and our daily interactions with others.   These energies can work against you, and may cause you to experience anything from energy drain and fatigue, to unexplained mood shifts, to feeling other peoples problems or pain as your own.  Clear My Space™ is designed to clear negative energies from your energy field, and deposit vibrations of light in their place so you can feel your best.

And what’s more, this blend is also great for clearing rooms and other spaces!  Rooms can take on negative energy as well, so that, for instance, if you have space where a lot of arguments have taken place, you may still feel the energetic residue when no one else is in the room.  Just a few sprays of Clear My Space™ throughout a room, office, or even your car, can help to clear and uplift the space, making it feel lighter.

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