Clearing and Balancing Emotional Energy With Lighten Up™ Essence

Lighten Up Essence for Clearing Emotional Energy

About Lighten Up™

Emotional stress can weigh you down, dampening your emotions and weighing heavy on your heart. Lighten Up™ : A Walk in the Clouds is our premier Master Essence Blend for emotional clearing and mental lightening.  Lighten Up™ goes to work clearing parts of the mental and emotional [subtle] energy field, lifting heavy, dense, emotional energy off of you, so you can feel lighter and freer – as if floating up in the clouds above it all!

A Brief History…

In 2010, the first version of this Essence was first offered to Shanti Kai™ clientele under the name Inner Balance.  Specifically, it was formulated for certain clients suffering from medically incurable neurological conditions*.  Over the years it has been refined and focused, with the formula being improved upon to cleanse and clear mental-emotional heaviness as it lingers in your energy, place or space.

*At Shanti Kai™, we do not make medical claims about the efficacy of our products, however we do understand the types of energy our products target, and how that can align with the underlying energies responsible for certain symptoms and conditions.  

The Importance of Emotional Clearing

Services at Shanti Kai™ operate on the premise that disease is simply that – dis-ease. We focus on the balancing, clearing and aligning of the human (or animal) energy field, and/or that of the land, focusing on the energies of trauma – the imbalances that lie at the core of the [unwanted or unfavorable] issues, conditions, and symptoms you may experience – rather than on treating the disease and symptoms themselves. The same can be said for our products – they are designed to target the energetic root of a given imbalance.

Put away the scary diagnostic labels, and understand that illness simply means that there is resistance in your energy field that has developed to a point that it is now manifesting as a symptom or condition within your physical body.  Shanti Kai™ Essences operate best when used before a physical symptom manifests – at the level of mental, emotional, and/or spiritual stress, imbalance, and duress. This is because the earliest sign that something is wrong will almost always occur in the realm of your mental-emotional and/or spiritual experience – symptomatically manifesting as a dampening of your spirits, and/or uncharacteristic negative thoughts and feelings (i.e., before taking hold in your physical body).

The Missing Ingredient

Shanti Kai™ Essences work best when you can target an ailment at the earliest onset of the emotional, mental, or spiritual level they first appear, however they are also still applicable once a condition has developed to the point of a full on symptomatic manifestation or disease.  In fact, at Shanti Kai™, we say that our Essences’ are often the missing ingredient in a natural health or wellness regimen.  Inner Balance, now, Lighten Up™, was our very first formulation – and still one of our best, formulated to target a broad range of emotional stressors, with the intent to clear them before they have a chance to deposit into your physical body.

From Inner Balance to Lighten Up™

Around the same time Lighten Up™ was first offered, Jayme was doing many Shanti Kai™ Remote Vibrational Essence Therapy™ Sessions on clients experiencing neurological issues – from sciatica (most common), neuropathy (especially affecting the feet and legs), fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, and the like – finding similarities in the energy fields amongst them.  Specifically, she found that the one thing most of these clients had in common was that the part of their energy field (or aura) being affected – i.e. having heavy energy deposits – related to certain zones of the subtle body system.   (Most of you who have had private sessions with Jayme know she reads your energy field,  seeing you as a field of energy – whether working in person or remotely – and transfers the Essences to clear blockages (or impurities) accordingly).  As she continued to energetically work on a number of these types of client issues, she began to understand which Essence synergies were effective for targeting these areas, and through careful blending science, eventually came up with the first version of this product, Inner Balance.

Transcending Your Troubles

But, many of her other clients, customers, and friends (i.e., not suffering from neurological issues), were also reporting energetic benefits from Inner Balance.  The feedback started to trickle in, and she was [almost] unanimously hearing that clients’ felt “lighter” and more able to rise above difficulty – as if they were transcending their troubles.  Some described feeling as if they were floating or lifting above the heaviness that had previously confounded them and, more readily experiencing a sense of elevated perspective.   To be clear, however, most of those that reported benefits said they came on subtly, over time, and in several cases, required a partner, spouse, friend or coworker to point out to them that they seemed lighter, happier and freer before taking note of this themselves.  This can be typical of working with Essences – powerful but subtle, you sometimes fail to notice the improvements because, in general, you don’t notice problems you don’t have.

One client even said that her overly serious husband had become so much lighter that she thought something was wrong. Instead of his normal, heavy, over-studious nature, he was suddenly doing things that were quite unexpected, and almost seemed slap happy at times. She was starting to worry he was up to something when she found her 4 oz bottle – that she had yet to tap into – completely empty.  When asked, he said he had decided to give it a try – and liked!  To this day, he still uses this product… a far cry from the critical guy who used to make fun of her Essences!

Lighten Up™:  A Walk In The Clouds

Lighten Up as the Essence was renamed, was dubbed:  A Walk In The Clouds, because of the way so many had described feeling lighter- and thus able to regain a newer, fresh perspective.  When you’re high above the Earth- up in the clouds looking down,  the problems that had previously confined you no longer seemed to matter.  From that vantage point, the burdens that weighed you down seem to lose their power.

This is not an escapist tool however- nor does it support spiritual bypassing (i.e., the tendency to want to stay in the light, and/or to not be willing to walk through the dark – to do the work needed to truly heal).  Lighten Up™ is not about avoidance, but rather, coping and transcending – learning to be okay with things not being okay and to find the peace – and joy –  in life anyway.

Oftentimes you cannot control the outer circumstance that creates or shapes your current reality, but you do have much control over your inner state – to decide not to let things that happen to you or around you diminish your joy.  That is, after all, what it means to experience true inner peace.  It means that you can remain balanced, connected to the Light while you walk through life’s lows.  Easier said than done,  but not impossible… with the right tools, it becomes increasingly accessible.  Like a plane taking off, you too, can learn to rise above your troubles, transcending worldly perspective and finding a more Divine vantage point.


Heavy and or negative emotions can linger in a space or place, as well as within your own auric field, accumulating, and, unless cleared out, weigh you down, causing your inner light to feel diminished.  We therefore suggest the following applications:

  • During times of stress, or anytime you just feel you need to unwind, such as after work, spray Lighten Up™ over your third eye, temples, and back of the neck, as well as over any areas where you carry tension or stress in your body. If you like, you can also spray throughout your aura. If you have a moment, close your eyes and visualize yourself lifting up above any worries, stress or concerns into a space of lightness and ease.
  •  Spray on or around your bed and pillow first thing in the morning and/ or before retiring to clear any emotional discharge from the previous night’s rest .
  • If you are going through a serious situation and/ or difficult or challenging time, Lighten Up™ can help you find your lighter side.  Take orally or add to water and sip throughout the day when going through stressful times or to retain perspective when in a challenging situation.
  • Spray throughout your office, home, car, or wherever is needed to cleanse and clear a space or place of emotional energy that has been deposited.  If a fight, argument, conflict, or emotional conversation or discussion has taken place, or a stressful matter has been discussed, spray throughout the room where it  took place.  Reapply as needed until it feels clear- you may especially wish to spray over chairs and around computer or desk area (i.e. if happened via email) or even to apply to the aura of your gadget or phone, to help cleanse the aura of stress vibrations, so as not to influence future discussions.
  • This Essence can help bring out your playful side and encourage this in others around you as well.  If you tend toward an over serious nature, such as a Type A personality (or are in a relationship with someone who is), then definitely get this Essence and work with it routinely – you’ll likely find the lighter moments start to work their way in.



[Lighten Up] is one of my very favorite Shanti Kai Essences and I use all of them. At the metaphysics store my family runs, we have psychic readers and other types of healing work going on and sometimes the energy was getting so heavy as the day progressed. It was as if people were unburdening themselves and leaving all the baggage at the store and the result was I felt a depressed feeling when I walked into that energy.

Normally Id use Clear My Space but something told me to try Lighten Up, maybe because of the Walk in the Clouds” part of the description… so anyway I started spraying this at the store in and near the reading room in between clients and it does just literally make you feel like youve lifted right above all of it and are up in the clouds. It gives you a completely different perspective on things – a higher perspective. Really worked for the heavy depressed energy.

– Molly McKenzie, Baton Rouge

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