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Create An Uplifting Atmosphere In Your Home With the Shanti Kai™ Land Clearing Essence Kit

Land Clearing Essences

You may not always think about how the energy in your home and different spaces you are in can affect you, but clearing the energy of your space is an important part of staying balanced. Spaces can carry the energy not just of the people that inhabit them but also of events that take place there. When traumatic or disturbing events occur, negative energy can be deposited and influence those that come into the space. Energy can also be affected if people feeling sad, depressed, anxious or fearful, or any other emotion, have been there, as their energy can get deposited in the atmosphere or transferred to plants or other energies in the space. Moreover, if there has been conflict or arguments in a space it may also need to be cleared out. Sometimes, such a space may feel heavy, uneasy, stressful, or uncomfortable, and you may not even know something is wrong or that the energy in the place could be the problem.

At any rate, our Land Clearing Kit is the perfect way to clear out any unbalanced or stagnant energies and raise the vibration so it feels lighter and more peaceful. Even if the energy of your home is clear, it’s possible that the Earth’s grid lines underneath your home may be damaged or misaligned, or it could be that your space has not been built according to perfect vastu (the Vedic system for aligning structures with the land for perfect harmony), which may also affect the energy in your home. Our Land Clearing Kit not only clears your space, but it can begin to heal and restore the energy field of the Earth underneath your home, and to act to balance imperfect vastu by depositing corrective frequencies, ultimately creating more balance.

The Shanti Kai Land Clearing Kit contains the following 2 oz spray sized Essences:

Release It™Essence is our deepest cleanser, working deep beneath the surface on unseen energies to release any stuck or stagnant energies in the space or place. Often we cannot know fully the history of a place we inhabit – what has gone on before – if someone has died there or if there has been violence, turmoil, natural disaster, or strife. Release It™ is the first layer of our Land Clearing Kit as it penetrates deep into the energy system of a place to pull up and release old stagnant energies that have been left behind.

Clear My Space™ Essence is our most robust all around cleanser that works on multiple levels to repel, transform, transmute, dissolve, and clear negativity of all kinds. It gets the energy that has already worked it’s way to thee surface and is thus is a good chaser to Release It™ It is the second step to our Land Clearing Kit.

Earth Chakra™ Essence helps restore and replenish vital frequencies in the land to balance and harmonize the energy. Earth Chakra™ has gemstones from every continent, and over fourteen newly evolved and newly discovered gemstones that were carefully blended to form a potent synergy containing the frequencies that are most needed on the planet “now”. It also has flowers grown in volcanic soil that have evolved and managed to grow in the toughest of environments; their consciousness teaches adaptability and strength – so it is very effective in balancing spaces and bringing a grounded and supportive energy, especially after clearing out the space in the previous two steps.

Lighten Up™ Essence helps lighten the energy of the space and specifically targets emotional energy- such as sadness or depressed energy- which tends to accumulate in the atmosphere. Lighten Up™ helps ease the release of emotional energy and open a space for the higher frequencies brought in by Violet White™ in the final step. It is filled with magical flowers and gemstones that channel higher levels of unconditional love and wisdom.

Violet-White™ Essence is a very high-frequency essence that can help raise the vibration of your home by connecting it to source energy so it will feel more peaceful and uplifting. It also will help establish a vortex of positive energy in your home. Used at the end of the Land Clearing, it establishes a vortex that goes to source energy and helps pull out lower vibrations and bring in more Light . You can spray it throughout the space and/or in the area you would like the vortex to be established. (We find that the essence has a way of doing this on its own, so if you don’t know how to establish a vortex don’t worry… just spray away).

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