Creating Workplace Harmony with Healer Within™ and Harmony™ Companion Essences

Creating Workplace Harmony

Putting Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ To Work at Work!

Have a “bad” boss, annoying coworker, or loud complaining customers? … you’re not alone!! These days, having grievances regarding your workplace is not the anomaly but the norm – its how you choose to react to it – AND – what you choose to do about it that sets you apart! Just glancing at your iPhone or computer can initiate an unnecessary stress response, instantly causing your energy to contract inward and/or your mind to spiral outward. No matter how positive your work environment may be, the stress of life, workplace dynamics, interpersonal conflict, the daily grind, and, sometimes just having to add one more thing to your schedule can be too much!

Healer Within™ and Harmony™ Essences to the Rescue!

Shanti Kai™ Healer Within™️ is a subtle but powerful yin-aligned Essence to aid you with working through stress and trauma. It’s formulated to stimulate energies of internal healing – to cool, calm, and soothe – as well as increase your compassion and ability to self-nurture. What’s more, Healer Within™ is a fantabulous Companion Essence to Shanti Kai™️ Harmony™ – our body, mind and spirit blend formulated to uplift the heart and ease feelings of overwhelm. Together they support bringing you – and you’re environment – back into alignment with your optimal health and highest potential, increasing your ability to harmonize and self-heal.
Over time, they promote an increasingly calm, well-balanced and harmonious environment which can only enhance a healthier, happier state of mind.

The Special Function of Harmony™️ as a Signature Room Spray:

Using Harmony™️ as a room spray helps to balance the plethora of energies that may be present in any given moment and can be especially beneficial for promoting harmony, alleviating tension, and balancing stress throughout the workplace. Harmony™️ in the workplace is especially beneficial for balancing energies related to interpersonal conflict and worry. Our customers and clients tell us it can have a profound effect on how they’re being treated (and received) by others! It’s as if their coworkers and/or bosses are saying “thank you I needed that”!


Exercise for Workplace Harmony


Part 1: You
Step 1: Balance Your Own Energy First

We recommend you start by calming your own energy first, as soothing any fiery, agitated energies is a must if you wish to be in a cooperative, balanced space!

Shanti Kai™️ yin aligned Healer Within™️ can help calm, cool and soothe any irritations, agitations and frustrations you may have. Harmony™️ works alongside it and can help harmonize imbalances in your energy field and space, as well as enhance energies of synchronicity, alignment and flow.


Starting with Healer Within™️ shake well and spray your:

  • Third eye and temples
  • Neck/throat
  • Heart center
  • Abdomen
  • Along your spine

Alternatively, you might also wish to spray:

  • The back of your kidney/adrenal area
  • Behind your knees
  • Behind your ears
  • The tops and bottoms of your feet
  • The back of the uterus (in women) and/or side pelvic area.

Note: it is not necessary to spray all of these areas at once, we suggest alternating between the ones you find your most sensitive or responsive to.


Step 2:

Follow by spraying Harmony™️ over the same main areas listed above, but, also over the front center of your seven main chakras (see image). Or you can simply spray down the front side of your body, along your spine, and over your crown.

Note: Companion Essences can be layered one on top of the other. Highly sensitive individuals may wish to apply one at a time, waiting 15-20 minutes in between each Essence allowing time for integration.


Part 2: Application of Harmony™️ and Healer Within™️ Companion Essences in Your Office or Workspace


Step 1: Prime the Energy with Healer Within™️

While Healer Within™️ is not a typical room spray, for maximum benefit of this Companion Essence duo we recommend applying 5-7 sprays to your space to preface working with Harmony™️ as a soothing base synergy. Think of it as priming the energy for maximum effect. To use, simply shake well and apply from the center of room or space, if possible, radiating outward as you spray, rotating coverage 360 degrees.


Step 2: Follow with Harmony™️

Follow with Harmony™️, focusing on applying within your personal space first, and then expanding into areas where you have the most interaction with others. You will likely require slightly more Harmony™️ than Healer Within™️ – as the latter is just used to prime the space.


Step 3: Specialty Areas

You may especially wish to focus on meeting spaces, conversational areas, and anywhere you’ve had disturbances or experienced conflict. In general, 5-7 sprays of Healer Within™️ in any room or defined space is enough, followed by a more generous application of Harmony™️. Of course, however, larger sized areas may require more Essence. You may also wish to spray Harmony™️ around personal areas (such as around your computer, mailbox, or desk).


Step 4: Other Considerations

If you are dealing with a certain type of area, such as a conference room, wherein you are anticipating stress and or challenges from attendees, you may wish to spray over the backs of the empty chairs preceding any meetings that take place.

Shanti Kai™️ Essences contain living, healing frequencies from nature – they embody the plant and mineral mana (aka prana, chi, ki, or life force energy). It’s important to note that nature will never infringe on an individual’s free will. Thus if someone is not open to receiving the energies within the Essence, he or she will simply not be receptive to it and it will not go in.

If an individual or situation remains a source of conflict, you can always try working with Shanti Kai Release It™️ and Harmony™️ in a similar fashion. This combination can help break down any resistance to healing, cooperation, and progress – over time, increasing the receptivity of others in your environment and increasing the overall harmony around you.

In this case, simply apply Release It™️ and follow with Harmony™️ using both as we suggested for Harmony™️. In most cases it is not necessary to incorporate this added Essence duo but for more challenging individuals and situations it may be helpful to expedite results. Once you experience the desired shift, you can return to working with Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ to boost energies of balance and ease as well as bring energies of harmony into your work space.

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