Dealing With Negative Energy


Dealing with Negative Energy

“I’ve been using Shanti Kai’s Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ for years, and they are among my absolute favorite essences. I use Clear My Space™ for clearing negative energy from my apartment and the office I work at. I also use it on myself and always feel lighter, calmer and more uplifted after I use it. I spray myself with Guardian Angel™ when I know I’ll be around a lot of people. It helps keep me feeling grounded and less caught up in everything going on around me. I highly recommend using these essences together, they can make a huge difference in staying grounded and not feeling drained or energetically unbalanced.”
– Alice Boucher, Web Developer, Software Developer, Yoga Teacher

Indications Negative Energy is Affecting You

  • Feeling fatigued, tired or drained
  • Feeling “out of sorts”, or having a hard time concentrating or focusing
  • Experiencing lack of motivation
  • Experiencing intense negative emotion (i.e. anger) or emotional swings
  • Experiencing upset around certain people or in certain places
  • Experiencing difficulty trying to fall asleep, and/or having nightmares or bad dreams
  • Experiencing a high rate of electrical or mechanical problems
  • Feeling other people’s pain or problems
  • Feeling bothered by little things that shouldn’t be a big deal
  • Experiencing physical tension (beyond the realm of normal daily stressors)

How Negative Energy Can Influence You

Ever walk into your workplace, restaurant or store and instantly feel drained or like you just want to turn around and go home? Or maybe talked to a stressed out co-worker only to find yourself feeling more stressed out after the conversation? In these situations it’s so common for energy to be transferred or taken on. This can cause one to feel ungrounded, unbalanced, emotional, or even exhausted. This can be a tricky thing to deal with too, because it’s not always obvious when one is being negatively impacted because of an outside energetic influence. Often one is only aware at a later point upon reflection. Since it’s something most individuals have been unconsciously dealing with since birth, he or she may just feel “off”, or tend to come up with reasons why they think they’re feeling the way they are, and/or just dismiss it altogether. Yet, negative energy can build up, not only within one’s own energy field, but also in the spaces they occupy: home, work, car, etc. And if negative energy isn’t cleared regularly, it can build up to the point where one just feels sick, overwhelmed, tired, irritable, depressed, or many other negative emotions.

The issue of how different forms of “energy” get passed around or transferred is both elusive and complex. Our own state of being, the energy being carried by those we interact with, as well as the energy contained in the places we go, can all influence us to varying degrees. Each individual is in fact a complex set of currents and counter currents that is in constant flux, affected by our relationships and stresses in our environment, our habits, and many other things. Complicating things even further is the issue of cell memory. Even if one has consciously moved on from an experience, his or her physical body may still retain the memory of it, and this can cause one to react or overreact to certain experiences. For instance, if one has experienced a betrayal in the past, then even the suggestion that another person may be lying to them may be very upsetting. Whereas if one has a positive association, something as simple as a barely detectable aroma may instantly uplift their spirits. So in determining whether one is taking on energy from other people, places, or things, it’s important to consider one’s own history, in order to determine whether the energy one is experiencing is coming from within or from an outside source – or most often the case, both.

The Law of Conservation of Energy in physics states that “energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it transforms from one form to another”. When positive or negative energy is deposited in a place, i.e. by an emotional reaction, it does not merely go away when the people do. Rather it often lingers and can affect the inhabitants for years to come. Places where battles have taken place, and other historic events, often carry an energy field that is very different from normal everyday places. Many people have visited Ground Zero in NYC for instance, and related experiencing a strange sadness, heaviness and/or sense of loss even when they didn’t know anyone involved in the incident.

Nature knows how to store emotion – or rather to contain the energy in a place. There are subtle vibrating energy fields to everything in and from the nature kingdom, including earth, plants, water, and the atmosphere. If you think about images you see of run down or abandoned homes or buildings, the dead plants and dried out greenery that once surrounded it often looks forlorn. On the other hand, happy places are depicted surrounded by budding flowers and beautiful greenery that attracts chirping birds, butterflies and insects. Nature presents a fascinating system on how to heal and regenerate itself and how to thrive and survive, protected in many different environments. And it is the latter premise that is the foundation for our products. Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ are highly complex synergistic blends of flowers, orchids, gemstones, minerals, precious metals, and color frequencies that are our meticulously formulated and crafted to put nature to work for you – clearing and shielding you from negative energy.

How Vibrational Energy Works

Our aura is an energy field vibrating at different frequencies. To simplify, negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, and depression vibrate at a lower frequency. Positive emotions, such as happiness, excitement, joy, and love are higher vibration. Our thoughts and our words also carry vibration and largely influence the energy we carry in our aura. When our auric shield is strong, we can interact with people and their vibration will not influence ours. If our auric shield is weak, however, the vibration of those we interact with can set off the vibration we may have in our own energy field (even if we weren’t experiencing that emotion directly at that time). An example of this would be road rage. It really only takes one upset driver on the road to set off a whole traffic load of irritation. Ever had the experience of driving along peacefully and all of a sudden getting cutoff, or another driver yelling or honking at you and then suddenly you feel angry too? In these cases, what happens is the energy the upset driver was carrying triggers a similar energy in another driver, and then the upset one driver is experiencing also becomes the experience of another…and continues to spread.

Other people’s energy or vibration can also unintentionally transfer to us so that we end up carrying other people’s “stuff”. This happens a lot within families, where we want to take on the burden of our family members to try to help them, and suddenly everyone is carrying a burden and no one is any better for it. It also happens a lot with intimate relationships, where we are so closely tied with someone physically that energy is constantly being passed back and forth.

How to Clear Your Personal Energy and Stay Protected

There are many techniques people use to clear out unwanted energy – burning sage and incense are ancient methods that rely on the alchemy of smoke. Our Shanti Kai Clear My Space™ Essence acts on the electrical field of a person, place, or space and is designed with a synergy of ingredients for clearing out negative or parasitic energies and depositing vibrations of peace and light. It can be used on yourself (clearing your aura) or it can be used to purify spaces such as your home, office, etc. This essence may help you feel lighter, more grounded, and at ease.
Here are some simple steps you can follow to clear and protect your energy:

  1. Take 5-10 deep, calming breaths to get centered
  2. Spray your entire aura with Clear My Space™ Essence using 7-10 sprays and encompassing both the front and back sides of the body.
  3. You may want to close your eyes and imagine a flood of white light encompassing your whole aura, washing away impurities, however, this is not necessary for the sprays to work. Often it is more effective to simply be aware that the nature vibrations in the sprays are working and to give them their space to do their job.
  4. Notice what you experience and if you feel any shifting in your energy. Some common things people experience are:
    • Feeling of getting lighter or even floating sensation
    • Feelings of heaviness, weightiness, or tingling sensations
    • A feeling of expansion in the heart chakra
    • Increased awareness or sensation in your hands, wrists, or feet
    • The desire to fidget or adjust your posture
    • Flashes of color, especially deep purple or indigo, white, gold, or golden peach-violet (these are color frequencies in the blend)
    • Feeling of heat energy
    • Experiencing tension releasing
    • Many thoughts and/or feelings coming up all at once
    • Lengthening of your spine
    • Seeing or feeling a spiral of energy rise from the spine or crown
    • An increased sense of grounding or connectedness to the Earth
    • Increased mental clarity or renewed perspective
    Note: All of these symptoms are just signs of energy clearing and are normal and natural.*

  1. About 15 minutes later, use Guardian Angel™ Essence spraying any or all of the following areas: heart, forehead, base of skull, root and sacral chakras (front and back).
  2. Close your eyes and relax for a minute and tune into what you are experiencing. You may feel or sense a protective presence. You may see a sparkly soft blue, indigo, or white light. You might feel warmth around your heart or a feeling of expansiveness, protection and/or the release of fear of negative thoughts. Some people like to imagine a strong orb of fluorescent blue or golden light encompassing their entire being and extending out arms length from their body, creating a strong shield of protection.

Not only is it important to clear one’s energy, but protecting it by shielding oneself and strengthening one’s auric field can also be extremely helpful. Just as one must eat well and exercise to strengthen his or her physical body, rest well, meditate, and/or think positively to care for one’s mind and spirit, one must also care for his or her energy field. Essences are a simple and effective way to do just that.

If you think of stress as having a compound effect of weakening one’s energy, our Guardian Angel™ Essence carries vibrational infusions of gemstones and flowers that historically have the effect of strengthening the energy field. This may have the net effect of helping to fight overwhelm and fatigue, and may also help in reducing fear while increasing feelings of safety and protection, all of which will have positive lasting effects on health and well-being.

Shanti Kai’s Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ can help to clear, cleanse, strengthen and protect one’s energy field and help to heal and restore us on the subtle levels where imbalance often originates.

How to Clear and Protect the Energy of Your Space

As mentioned earlier, spaces also tend to carry the energy of events that take place there. When traumatic or disturbing things happen, negative energy can be deposited and can influence those that come into the space. Shanti Kai’s Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ contain the flower, gemstone and mineral vibrations, and color frequencies that know how to clear, cleanse, strengthen and protect the energy field in a space or place and how to heal and restore the subtle levels of balance between nature and man in any environment.

Here’s some simple steps you can follow to clear and protect your space (i.e. your house or apartment, car, office or place of work, etc.):

  1. Take 5-10 deep, calming breaths to get centered.
  2. Spray the entire space with Clear My Space™ Essence. The number of sprays will vary depending on how big the room is and how heavy the energy feels, so use your best judgment or intuition. (Note it is highly recommended if you have a system for testing, such as kinesiology, muscle testing, or pendulum testing to check and see how many sprays are needed, and then to wait a few minutes after spraying and ask again to see if it’s complete). On average 5-7 sprays is typical for a 14 x 14 feet space.
  3. Close your eyes and for a minute or so tune into what you feel, see, or sense happening in the space. You may become aware or have a feeling of an area where more spray is needed. Or if you are using a method as described above you may check in with that method. Some people like to imagine a flood of golden-white light encompassing the entire area, washing away impurities, however, this is not necessary for the sprays to work. Often it is more effective to simply be aware that the nature vibrations in the sprays are working and to give them their space to do their job.
  4. Within 5-15 minutes later, spray the area with Guardian Angel™ Essence using a similar number of sprays as Clear My Space™ Essence
  5. Close your eyes and for a minute or so hold the space for the shielding to work. Some people may imagine a strong orb of white and fluorescent blue light encompassing the entire space creating a strong shield of protection. Some people even sense the orb being coated by a thorn like fence (the fact that many people resonate with this visual after hearing the suggestion we believe is because of the strong Bougainvillea flower component in the blend).

How To Know If Energy Clearing or Shielding is Needed

  • You go somewhere and you feel like someone or some place has left you feeling uncomfortable or “creeped out”. It’s as if someone has invaded your space or crossed a boundary.
  • Being around family members whom you have a history of not getting along with.
  • You want to “fix” other people’s problems but end up upset or feeling drained.
  • You feel great when you wake up but as soon as you get into traffic and around others you feel frustrated, irritated, drained, or angry.
  • You do work that requires lots of people interaction and it commonly leaves you feeling tired or in a bad mood.
  • You talk to someone with a headache (or other symptom…not necessarily physical) and all of a sudden you have it too.
  • You become abnormally and increasingly fatigued as the day wears on.
  • You feel great when you wake up but as soon as you get into work you feel irritated, sluggish or depressed
  • You feel unclean, heavy or “yucky” for no reason
  • You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
  • You feel like you’ve taken on someone else’s pain or problem
  • You have a room or place where arguments commonly occur
  • You have trouble sleeping in a certain place. Maybe you find you can’t calm your mind or the room feels heavy or it makes you nervous.
  • You have or will be staying somewhere that someone was sick or died in.
  • You’ve had gatherings or house visits that leave the house feeling like they haven’t left.
  • You feel great all day but when you get home you instantly feel irritable, exhausted, sad, etc.
  • You acquired used clothing or jewelery (such items should always be cleared before being worn).
  • You own or acquired antiques and heirlooms (anything pre-owned should always be cleared, especially antiques)
  • You are noticing higher than normal wear and tear on house, car, office, etc. (i.e. pipes breaking, electrical problems, flat tires, etc.)
  • You have a change of workplace or living space and all of a sudden you have an issue or problem you’ve never had before.

Potential Benefits of Clearing and Protecting Your Energy

  • Resolving boundary issues in all types of relationships.
  • Increased Auric Shielding and feeling of protection.
  • Feeling shielded from people and places that used to drain you.
  • Prevention of cross transference of energy (such as feeling drained by another person or work environment).
  • Angelic Attunement (especially with Guardian Angel™ Essence) and/or signaling Archangel Michael for help.
  • Feeling a stronger connection to one’s Angels.
  • Emotional, physical, and spiritual protection.
  • Protection from elementals & thought forms, entities attachment.
  • Experiencing less fear and/or loneliness.
  • Experiencing an increased sense of compassion for oneself and others.

While these essences are highly effective in cleansing and shielding on subtle energetic levels and can have profound impacts on our overall state of health and well-being, to be highly effective on an ongoing basis they may work optimally if we adjust our lifestyles and habits accordingly. It would be futile to expect transformative change if we do nothing other than spray ourselves but return to say a rock star lifestyle. Essences do not require we be anything other than open to change in order to work, and we may find they begin “speaking to us” as we work with them and suggesting to us little adjustments we can make in order to accomplish the transformation we are seeking.


Read more about these essences:

*Our products are vibrational and work on the subtle energy fields and therefore do not carry the risk of overdose or allergy like many plant materials – if you get more than you need it will simply evaporate off. There is one drop of highly purified essential oil per spray. If you have a severe allergy to essential oil, we suggest you contact us to special order your spray without essential oil. However, as with all products, contact your doctor should you have a health issue or question or experience symptoms as this may be a sign of a more serious issue.


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