December Astro Trio: Intuition™, MercurEase™, & Svadhisthana™ (Sacral Chakra)

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini kicks off a powerful month, astrologically bringing in shifts and new energy for the upcoming year. This full moon is a Super Moon, making it especially powerful, not to mention that Gemini’s ruler Mercury enters its 4th and final retrograde of the year tomorrow as well!

Even though tomorrow’s Super Moon is an extremely powerful full moon, those working with lunar energies may notice the energy is a little held back – so you may feel a burst of energy towards progress followed by a wave of doubt that leaves you feeling one step forward and two steps back. During the Super Moon, the moon comes much closer to the Earth (than during the other full moons), thus its influence on us is greater. The moon is tied to hidden emotions and intentions, and with the influence of both the Super Moon and Mercury Retrograde, what may be illumined is the underlying truth (or even secrets) in our communications and interactions with others.

Our Recommended Essences

While we are not astrologers here at Shanti Kai™, we take note because our Astro Essence Line can be an amazing tool to navigate these times. This month we are recommending working with Intuition™ (our Moon Blend), MercurEase™, and Svadhisthana™ (our Sacral Chakra Blend).

Intuition™ is our Lunar Essence, full of rich deep crystals and powerful flowers that unearth and bring out deep hidden energies, strengthening ones sixth sense, balancing female hormonal cycles, and aligning one more closely to the moon’s natural cycles.

MercurEase™ is for balancing and countering the effects of Mercury Retrograde. It’s Blend can help to strengthen communication skills and help one tap into the creative force working.

Sacral Chakra Essence Blend is a great Essence to use for balancing the 2nd (or Sacral) Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is also our relationship Chakra, and when using this Blend one may find help with the need to be in control and ego states, as well as balancing emotions. One may also experience increased passion and joy levels.


“I used to struggle with pms and see my monthly cycle as a negative – something that set me back. I started working with the Intuition Moon Blend from Shanti Kai and started shifting into more of a harmonious flow with it (no pun intended). I read on Shanti Kai website how certain Native American Indian tribes valued a woman’s monthly cycle as the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest and women are most in tune with the spiritual realms. I noticed when I started working with the Intuition not only physically did my body start shifting and seeming to align naturally with the moon but I also did the moon release rituals (from their blog) every full and new moon with Intuition and Transformation and noticed my awareness and sixth sense was deepening and instead of feeling overly emotional and discombobulated on my period I now feel more peaceful and at ease- more in tune with myself and others around me. I now notice instead of feeling irritated by people during this time I now feel more kinship or compassion because my empathy increased as I became more sensitive during this time.“
– Lisa B., Wedding Coordinator, Chicago IL

“I use [MercurEase™] anytime I am in a situation where I need to express myself clearly. It is incredibly helpful for me as a musician and songwriter to feel like I am grounded and clear enough to express myself fully without other energies getting in the way of my fullest expression. Often, as artists, we are very aware and very sensitive. Being that sensitive, we are often forced to filter though a lot of garbage to get to the source. Not everything that is positive always makes it way through to us due to stress, imbalances, and environmental reasons. This helps to clear that stuff out. It’s also really helpful as a performer to ease some of those very nature jitters we get before a show, helping you to feel more clear onstage.”
– Rocco, Musician

“Sacral Chakra Essence is another blend I put my whole family on to sync up and strengthen our emotions and needs. With it, I find that we can be more in our power to have boundaries with each other (and others). This is perfect for the stressful holiday time when many people are coming in and out of your house, expecting hospitality and smiling faces.”
– Sarah, Massage Therapist

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