Earth Chakra™ Essence for Grounding

Earth Chakra Essence for GroundingOur Earth Chakra Essence™ is a powerhouse of newly discovered gemstones spanning every continent and carrying the healing vibrations that are needed on this planet right now. This gemstone synergy is complimented by orchids and flowers grown in the volcano; After molten lava has just formed new Earth the plants that grow there are most adaptable, rooted and persistent lending us these qualities in their essences. We recommend it for making a connection with Mother Earth over the holidays – so you can stay rooted and full of vitality and joy.

I’ve been working with Earth Essence for anxiety I’ve been experiencing over the Holidays. My work is so busy and I have a million things going on but my anxiousness got so intense that it was preventing me from getting things done.  I tuned into where I was feeling anxious/ungrounded… I then sprayed feet, forehead, low back, crown etc with intention of releasing fear/anxiety. I decided that I would use the Essence every 5 minutes to see if my fear could calm down. I felt it shift with each round and had to do 3 rounds of spraying, the latter focusing on areas I was holding the anxiety (heart and stomach) until I felt really calm and centered. I was then able to get a bunch of stuff done and off my to do list.  When I tuned in to work with the spray I felt a shift – I felt I could better control my mind. And without the spray I’m relying on my own willpower to get myself shifted out of it, which is like pushing a boulder up a mountain–almost impossible.
— Alice

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