Easter Companion Essences: Golden Aura™ and Transformation™

Easter Companion Essences

Easter is all about the power of the resurrection – the power of transformation, redemption, forgiveness and grace. Many symbols in our society represent this process. The death on the cross or the Phoenix rising from the ashes are a couple such symbols. Easter is a day where if we tap into the energy – be it in a traditional sense at church or in communion, or in our own way by aligning with the Light or God, or connecting with the Universe or Source Energy – on this day the power of the Christ Consciousness is celebrated by many, and therefore more available to us all. The Christ Consciousness is awakened within us at the level of the 12th (or possibly 13th) Chakra. It embodies the attributes of unconditional love for all mankind, divine connection, transformation, and resurrection – the ability to rise above all obstacles, even that of death itself.

To align more fully with this healing Christ Energy, we are recommending our Shanti Kai™ Easter Companion Essences: Golden Aura™ and Transformation™Golden Aura™ increases the flow of light from our higher Chakras (especially those above the Crown Chakra, such as the 12th & 13th) where the Christ Consciousness resides, allowing us to take in more of this healing energy into our hearts.

Shanti Kai™ Transformation Essence™ assists us with challenges and overcoming suffering (our crosses so-to-speak), and brings softness to moments of pain and suffering. It helps us find meaning and beauty in them so that we can use them to learn and grow and TRANSCEND instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, or feeling as though many often do in moments when life takes an unexpected course – like the universe is playing some cruel trick on us, or that God has abandoned us, or feeling as though we are cursed and destined for a life of suffering. Transformation Essence™ is also great as an everyday room spray or energy spray for transmuting negative energy into its next highest form in its own evolution, so that when used daily we can elevate our own energy until we really are like the Phoenix risen above the ashes – or Christ Himself with the resurrection power to transcend darkness, including death.

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