Eclipses and Shanti Kai™ Essences

Essences for the Eclipse

What is an Eclipse?

During a Solar Eclipse the light is temporarily blocked by the Moon, which lines up between the Sun and Earth so as to perfectly obscure the light in spite of the size difference. During a Lunar Eclipse, the light is temporarily blocked due to the Earth’s shadow (on the moon). To be clear, Eclipses bring out the shadows – the things that are hidden, and the revelation of them forces you to deal with sometimes uncomfortable truths. This is why the time leading up to Eclipses is so often associated with intense fear and anxiety.

Mythological Beginnings

The tradition of Rahu and Ketu, relate to the “head” and “tail” of the serpent, and are known as the shadow moons of Saturn. As the ecliptic points at which the moon’s nodes intersect, they act as the entry and exit points to the Earth Herself. Mythologically, it is said that a serpent intersected between the sun and moon, wanting to drink the immortality of the gods – and in doing so, cast a shadow and caused an eclipse – the absence of light. This of course caused great fear amongst the people in ancient times, as they had no idea what was happening or where the Sun’s light had gone. The serpent however, was ultimately destroyed – and in so doing, divided into two parts – the head and tail.

It is Rahu that we now know as the “head”- but it is also the north node of the moon. It is this entry point that brings you into this world. Rahu therefore symbolizes the future, the material world or life on earth, whereas Ketu deals with the past – spirituality, and our destiny in this life. It is Ketu, that ultimately takes us out of this world and Ketu is thus known to be the great liberator. Rahu, as the head, relates to the things you desire – greed and material wealth – but also deals with obsession and illusion.

Ketu deals with your past, as the things which brought you into this world – it deals with your destiny and the things you must do. Ketu is concerned with spiritual matters – otherworldly energies, and the things you innately feel. It’s easy to mistake the feeling of Ketu as your own intrinsic desire – for Ketu tends to catalyze an emptiness or longing wherever it is active within your chart (and life). If you think of the snake’s tail, or Ketu, as akin to the kundalini – the dormant life force that in yogic tradition, when awakened, liberates you from the bondage, suffering, and duality of the material world – then you can understand that Ketu is the process of purging your desires, karmas and attachments – the things that ultimately tie you to, and keep you in this world. The Kundalini requires discipline once awakened (i.e. by a spiritual teacher or master), and can get stuck at lower levels, such as the navel, or sacral chakra – where it can cause you to become lost in the desire and illusion, or maya, of the material world. When this happens, the real truth of life’s purpose is obscured, and suffering is destined to ensue.

It is the Sun (i.e. father/male energy), as the giver of light, and Moon (or mother/female energy) – as the receiver – which reflects back its light, that together illuminate the Earth and allow life here to thrive. When the light is blocked, as with an eclipse, there is a symbolic death and subsequent rebirth that is experienced. In Vedic tradition, the Moon represents the mind and emotions, and thus when the Sun, as the giver of Light, goes dark, the mind – as related to the moon – is also darkened. When the Sun goes dark, parts of yourself that dwell in the shadows – the hidden side of your own psyche – are revealed. Your fears, anxieties, shame, guilt, frustrations and other inner enemies are destined to come out, as well as those of others around you.

In Western tradition, eclipses have a lighter connotation, no pun intended, with masses of people clamoring to catch a glimpse – and many western astrologers seeing them as great times to initiate change and new beginnings. In Eastern tradition, however, the literal viewing of an eclipse is not only seen as taboo, but can also lead to very serious consequences. This is, in part, because of the absence of light, even momentarily – on the millions of nerves that dwell within your brain – and the wide scale consequences on the mind and body that are implicated by it. This is why in Eastern tradition, it is believed (again,) that there can be deep psychospiritual consequences during the time of an eclipse.

On a more societal and even global level, if Rahu or Ketu are conjunct any planets during an eclipse, they bring out the shadow side of that planet – catalyzing world events by bringing to light the concerns of that planet. Similarly, on a more personal level, if transiting planets conjunct your natal planets – especially on or near the degree of the eclipse – it catalyzes major transformational events in your own life. This is why eclipses can be felt so intensely by some and less so by others – it depends on where they occur for you personally. While this can be a good thing, change is never easy; most people do not change unless forced to do so.

The positive side of all this, of course, is that by facing the dark side, so to speak, you bring light to your shadows. You can’t always control your surroundings – or the cosmic energy at hand – but you can, especially with the right tools, learn to use the energies at hand to create the change you so seek, and to transform your life from the inside out. And… Regardless of what you believe, during an eclipse, you can’t go wrong by using the time for prayer and meditation. If you must work or do other things, at least try to foster a meditative state with whatever it is you are doing. You can do this by simply holding a one-pointed inward focus while going about your duties.


The Right Tools


Here are a few of our favorite Essences to use around any eclipse to help you embrace the inner light:
  • Transformation™ – For transforming energy into a higher state.
  • Ma-Hina™ – For Working with the Hawaiian Moon Goddess and harmonizing with the moon.
  • Golden Aura™ – For strengthening life-force energy and aligning with the Sun.
  • Indigo Light™ – For Clearing Third Eye Clutter, and Expansive states of consciousness.
  • Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra – For Meditation and clearing judgments to your own higher wisdom.
  • Sapphire Master – For spiritual awakening and development.
  • Frequencies of White Light™ – For the period after the eclipse shadow period has ended (about 2 weeks out), to initiate new beginnings.
  • Healer Within™ – For healing past trauma that arises during this time.
  • Harmony™ – For mind-body-spirit balance during this time.
And for this particular November 7th/8th 2022 lunar eclipse we are also recommending:
  • Mars™ – For Mars retrograde in Gemini, and for Lunar Eclipse in Aries (mars is the ruler).
  • Topaz Master – For transmuting negative energy, manifesting abundance, and cosmic awareness
  • MercurEase™ – for Mercury Combust Sun and conjunct Ketu and Mars retrograde in Gemini – for communication and ease of mind with technology.
  • Venus™ – for eclipse in Bharani Nakshatra, ruled by Venus, and for Venus being Combust, to help you align with ease, bliss, beauty, and inner joy.
  • Removing Obstacles™ – Saturn is forming aspects and running the energy of both the solar and lunar eclipses, bringing up deep karmas to be cleared. Saturn is also making its last stroll through Capricorn, and challenging you all to get your lessons before it transits into Aquarius next year
  • Prosperity™ and Attract™ – For Mars in Retrograde in the sign of Taurus starting mid month, and staying that way through next year, causing worldwide financial strains
  • Release It™ and Transitions™ – for letting go of things, people, patterns and habits that no longer serve you
  • Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ – for clearing out the old and keeping your energy strong and boundaries enforced – see video links.
  • Empower™ – To help you observe the fear or worry around you but keep moving forward.
  • ImmunEase™ – For strengthening against unwanted or parasitic energies, and increasing vitality.

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