Weekly Whats Up: Mars™️ & Prosperity™️ Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

The New Year is just around the corner and with it, Mars is entering the sign of Aries on Monday December 31st, making its influence especially powerful, and the perfect time to work with our Mars™️ Essence. Shanti Kai™️ Mars™️ is formulated to help you align with energies of motivation, passion and initiative – just what’s needed as you prepare to bring in the New Year! What’s more, to help give your resolutions an extra boost, we’re recommending pairing it with our Prosperity™️ (Jupiter Blend) to encourage energies of expansion and success.

Mars™️ Essence is formulated to help you to overcome the initial inertia it takes to get things moving or to start a new project, and to increase motivation for working towards your goals. It’s a great Essence for anyone who is looking to tap their inner reserves. This blend may be beneficial for softening overly masculine or aggressive tendencies, and may help those with too much feminine energy to draw on the masculine where it is needed. And if you don’t have Mars™️, Shanti Kai™️ Garnet Glow™️ is a good substitute.

Prosperity™️: Jupiter Blend is designed to help you align with energies of expansion and other positive qualities of Jupiter, such as opportunity, good fortune, luck, optimism, and wisdom. This Essence may also help promote feelings of happiness and well-being, as well as encouraging synchronicity and success. It’s a great Essence for children and students as it is filled with plant and mineral essences believed historically to benefit the mind. If you don’t have Prosperity™️ Essence, Manipura™️: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence would be a good substitute for this one.

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