Coping with Chaos with Healer Within™ and Guardian Angel™ Essences

Essences for Coping with Chaos

With Hurricane Lane approaching Hawaii, we thought it would be a good time to re-visit our Companion Essences for Coping with Chaos, Healer Within™ and Guardian Angel™. These blends can help you to keep calm and stay safe, balance your electromagnetic field, and stay shielded from chaotic energy. Regardless of what “destruction” or changes await your physical environment – whether it be a storm, or the fires sweeping through the Northwest part of the country, you can consciously choose to – and energetically align with – a more balanced mind, inner calm, divine guidance and protection, and increased focus on well-being and healing.

Just hearing about a storm or other disaster can be enough to throw us into chaos, and that’s why it’s not enough to just shield from negativity, but to also mediate our response to it.  Healer Within™ is specially formulated to soothe and calm, as well as work on deeper levels to address what may cause us to negatively react to stressful situations.

But we can also mitigate some of the negative energy affecting us by shielding our energy field and this is where Guardian Angel™ comes in.  Sometimes we can become stressed because we’ve picked up on the energies of those around us who are feeling stressed, or fearful.  This can become more prominent with something like an impending hurricane, where every person around us is going to be reacting to what’s happening.  Shanti Kai’s Guardian Angel Blend™ is designed to help shield the auric field and help one stay in his or her space without taking on the negative energies of those people or places around them. It also contains flowers and gemstones that seek to ease fears and help to open the heart center to an experience of higher love.

The great thing about emergencies – any emergency really – whether it be illness, accident, weather, natural disaster, etc, is that they allow us to make more rapid progress towards a shift in consciousness. We can choose to step out of a fear based response and step into a higher, more conscious space…And working with essences is a great way to do just that.

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