Essences for Creating Your “Sleep Sanctuary”

Sleep Sanctuary

A Sleep Sanctuary Means You Keep Your Sleep space “Divine”.  Understanding “the Energetics of Sleep”.

It may be of note to point out that the phenomena discussed here is similar to being put under with anesthesia for surgery.  From an energetic standpoint, materials kept within approximately 5 feet of your bed can affect your subtle energy field while you sleep.  Simplified, while  your “out” your physical body remains grounded while your astral body can wander or “float”, lifting above or beyond your physical body, while remaining tethered to it.

You know how some people just have a bright and sunny disposition while others seem cloudy or dark, even in the best of circumstances. This energy due to the state of their auric field. You want  your aura to be bright and to radiate with clarity and purpose.  And when you allow clutter in your sleep space, you’re allowing your energy field to effectively merge into the clutter.

This leads to the vibrational imprinting of your subtle energy body with the information surrounding you, affecting you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Random vibrations such as these, absorbed and integrated into your aura, can eventually lead to cluttering  dulling, or numbing, lessening your clarity and clouding your overall sense of vitality.

Think about it: the ads in that magazine, the content on your kindle (or in your book), the photos on your nightstand, the to do list in your journal, the old clothes under the bed- the dust and cobwebs, the energies attached to those OTCs or pharmaceuticals, the texts in your cell phone, emails popping up on your lab top,  energies on that pile of clothes (all the places you went wearing them), the box of memories under the bed, and on and on it goes…. imprinting your subtle energy field with excess and random information, causing your subconscious to absorb and download this information. While not necessarily bad in the sense of true life crisis, over time the effect accumulates.  As a simple rule, anything in your energy field becomes weight you must carry.  It takes up space and adds to your burden, causing different layers of your being to vibrate at different frequencies like a radio playing a song with various stations bleeding through the background.

While this is more on the esoteric side of things, even seeming perhaps a bit mystical (or even mythical) in origin, it’s important to note, even if you’re not sure you “buy into it”... if you want abundant, healthy sleep, that leaves you feeling refreshed and radiant, you may want to be at least a little more careful what you bring into your “sleep sanctuary”.  Not only will you feel better about your space psychologically, but you’ll literally be lighter and brighter in the energy as well.

And what’s more, you may even want to turn this into a positive, and be proactive.  If all that negative can occur if you sleep with clutter in your aura…Could you even imagine what the positive effects could be… if you cleansed your sleep space regularly…filling it with vital radiant energies from nature and preparing it for the night to come? 

Energetically Cleanse Your Sleep Sanctuary with the Shanti Kai Land Clearing Kit

You can apply our Land Clearing Kit in Sequence, making sure to cleanse any multi use areas and spaces surrounding television and computer work stations.

If you don’t know the history of your property, or who has slept in your room…or even your bed before you, or if you DO know and it concerns you, this is especially important.

Our Land Clearing Kit contains:

  1. Release It™ – Use this one first, preferably in the morning to give it time to work and clear out, spraying your bed area, and within a radius of about 5 to ten feet of where you lie. 5 to 7 sprays is usually adequate, but if you have a large bed and a partner, you may use more, especially the first few times you clear, and/or if something stressful occurs in your bed/bedroom area. This gets down deep to help lift the old energies out.
  2. Clear My Space™ – Use this one second. This is like our energetic disinfectant; it cleans house on what the Release It lifts out, and also helps clear away any negativity or low frequency energies from your space.
  3. Earth Chakra™️ – Use this one third, to ground, balance and stabilize. After you clear the old, you want to replenish it with grounding, nurturing energies.
  4. Lighten Up™ – Use this one fourth, to clear emotional energies from your atmosphere. If negative emotions have been released in an area, they can become stuck, causing the atmosphere to stagnate, feel heavy, and/or even contribute to feelings of sadness and depression.
  5. Violet White™ – Use this one last, to establish a vote to of love and light, that helps maintain the Soave on a regular basis. Such a vortex can help keep out negative frequencies, and bring in higher vibrational energies, keeping your space positive and bright.

We recommend clearing your sleep space with these 5 steps each morning for a week, and then after once a week or as needed, give or take, depending on what else you use.

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