Essences for the New Moon in Libra: Intuition™ and Goddess Power™

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In a perfect world we could all sync with nature and cleanse with the tides on new moons in Mother Earth’s sacred spaces … but those times when we can’t, (which for most of us is more often then not), we have brought the frequencies to you in our Intuition™ Lunar Blend. And for tomorrow’s new moon in Libra we are recommending pairing it with our new Goddess Power™ Essence.  The sign of Libra encourages, balance, peace and harmony, and these two Essences can help you capitalize on this energy by helping to bring more balance into your life and to help you harmonize with the energy of the moon phases and your own internal rhythms.

Goddess Power™ Essence helps to invoke the two sides that the Goddess figure represents:  One of compassion, peace and love, but also one of wrath, power and Justice.  A balance of both sides promotes greater success and harmony in our lives and Goddess Power™ helps to encourage this balance.  Additionally, when used as a room spray this Essence can also promote environmental balance by balancing the Feng Shui of a room or space.

Intuition™ Essence helps you to harmonize with the rhythm of the moon phases and utilize their energy for your benefit.   When you are more in tune with the lunar phases, it’s easier for you to tune in to and balance your own internal rhythms. This Essence may also help you to strengthen your 6th sense.

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