Essences for the New Moon in Virgo – Intuition™ and Healer Within™


Today, September 9th, ushers in a New Moon in the sign of Virgo. For this moon phase we are recommending our Companion Essences for self-care and healing – Intuition™ and Healer Within™. Virgo is a health-oriented sign, making this new moon a great time to focus on goals or set intentions related to our health and well-being. Intuition™ Essence can help us tune into our sixth sense to uncover what we may need to be healthier. Healer Within™ soothes and promotes deep inner healing by working on the energetic plane to alleviate stress and heal trauma*. Read on for more information on how these Essences can help you take advantage of this new moon in Virgo energy, including a ritual you can follow when using these Essences.

Our Healer Within™ Blend is especially helpful for countering and soothing the effects of stress, which can have an impact on our physical health. Gemstone ingredients in this blend such as Green Sapphire help to encourage healing, while flowers such as Lavender help to soothe and calm. This can very helpful during the period when the seasons are changing and we tend to experience more stress as our bodies adjust to cooler temperatures. And doing our part to take care of ourselves can strengthen the effects of this blend. By eating right, exercising, getting enough rest, thinking positively, etc., we are working along with the Essences and this can allow for deeper healing.

Intuition™ helps us to tune into the rhythm of the moon phases, which in turn helps us to turn into our inner rhythms and the rhythms of nature around us, bringing us into a greater state of balance. Since this is a new moon, it is an ideal time for new beginnings, and for setting intentions and goals. Intuition™ helps us to align with the power that each moon phase offers, so that we can use it to propel our hopes and wishes forward, whether they be health related or otherwise.

Here is a ritual you can do to take advantage of the new moon energy using these two Essences.

Pick a time on the day of the new moon to sit and be quiet, maybe using our Pele™ Essence or lighting some candles to bring a little fire energy in to help create a contemplative atmosphere. Write down a couple of goals or intentions on a piece of paper related to health and healing, or whatever you like, hold your intention in your mind and visualize it, then use your Healer Within™ spray. After a few moments follow with Intuition™ and then sit for a while in a relaxed way, imagining that your goal is manifesting. You can use these Essences, one after another every day, leading up to the full moon in two weeks, keeping your intention in mind, to build up the energy towards it’s manifestation.

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