Essences for the Super Moon in the Sign of Virgo: MercurEase™ and Earth Chakra™


This year’s Worm Moon occurs Monday, March 9th, a full, super moon in the sign of Virgo. Mercury also ends it’s retrograde period on this day, which, combined with a full moon, makes for a lot of intense energy that can heighten emotions as well as any Mercury retrograde issues, such as mishaps related to communication, technology, travel and plans in general. Sail through this time a little more easily with Shanti Kai™ Essences MercurEase™ and Earth Chakra™ to help mitigate some of the effects of the Mercury retrograde energy and to help promote grounding and release of some of the heightened energy you may be experiencing from the full moon and Mercury.

MercurEase™ is our Essence of choice for all things Mercury retrograde related, such as a tendency for communication to get lost in translation, cell phones, computers and other machinery breaking down, and travel plans upending. The synergy of ingredients in this blend help to promote more fluid communication, clearer expression and better understanding of what another person is trying to convey. It may also benefit problem solving, the generation of new ideas, and better organization of ones thoughts, which can be helpful if things go awry!

Earth Chakra™ is a particularly grounding essence, helping you to release excess energy down into the earth. This blend helps you to connect with the nurturing energy that the Earth’s core can provide, and is also formulated to promote greater flexibility and adaptability to change. Earth Chakra™ can be particularly beneficial for those in stressful office environments, helping to bring greater balance into these spaces.

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