Essences for the Upcoming Supermoon: Moon Goddess™ & Earth Chakra™

Supermoon Companion Essences

On Tuesday, February 19th the skies will light up with the closest and brightest Super Moon of the year! Full moons can heighten our emotions in ways that may cause you to act or speak in ways you normally would not, and so we’re recommending our Supermoon Companion Essence Duo Earth Chakra™ and Moon Goddess™ to help you to stay grounded and tune into your emotional world, so that you can act from a place of self-awareness and balance.

All too often, during heightened astrological phases such as full moons, we find ourselves experiencing conflict or heightened emotions that cause us to act out or speak in ways we normally would not. When we understand what’s going on in the cosmos, and understand how these phases can impact us, we begin to have more power over our destiny. For instance, we can choose to hold our tongue until the phase is over or to reflect on things before boiling over.

Earth Chakra™ Essence is designed to help you connect with and draw on the nurturing energies that the Earth provides, helping you to stay grounded, as well as helping you to more easily adapt to changes and shifts. Moon Goddess™ Essence, our Lunar blend, can help you harmonize with the phases of the moon. The full moon is a time that may illuminate unfulfilled longings. If we are not aware of these heightened feelings, we may be tempted to act in ways that are driven by a feeling of being incomplete, which may not be in alignment with our highest good. Moon Goddess™ Essence may help to put you more in touch with your emotional side so that you can recognize these feelings for what they are, as well as to harmonize with the emotional energy of the full moon, so you can act from a place of greater balance.

If you’re not already working with our lunar essence, Moon Goddess™, at least twice a month on new and full moons, you’re missing out on major growth opportunities for inner breakthrough! Why does this matter? Because full and new moons impact us on deep psychological and spiritual levels that run deep in our sub and unconscious minds. Left unto itself we may find we tend to feel emotionally stirred or amped, or even uncomfortable during certain moon cycles, but when you harness and engage this emotional energy, it brings the possibility for major growth. If you ignore it, you stay in the cycles of karma, and the universe has to find other ways to get us to engage with it, and often this might mean bigger external challenges come our way. By looking within and working on what the universe is showing you, you can move forward to new terrain.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

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