Companion Essences for the Winter Solstice: Transitions™ and White Light™

Essences for the Winter Solstice

This year’s winter solstice occurs today, Saturday December 21st. With this being the last solstice before the start of a new decade, its a very powerful time for starting anew and we recommend Shanti Kai™ Winter Solstice Companion Essences Transitions™ and Frequencies of White Light™ to help you kick off the season with a clean slate, leaving behind limited ways of thinking and being and reinventing yourself in some way as you create a brighter path for yourself moving forward!

Transitions™ is designed to help ease the process of change so that you can move from one phase to the next more gently, whether you’re experiencing a change in your career or relationship, experiencing a loss, physically relocating, or simply going through shifts during seasonal change. This blend may be especially beneficial for encouraging the breaking of non-beneficial habits, as it stabilizes the heart chakra during times of change, helping you to feel hopeful about the future!

Frequencies of White Light™ is the perfect essence to use for new beginnings. This special blend from the Shanti Kai™ Color Line promotes energetic purification and rebirth, so that you can start anew. White Light™ is also beneficial to use during times of healing. Stay tuned for our Tip of the Week on how to use these essences!

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