Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ for the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Essences for Saturn-Pluto conjunction

Today a rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs, an event that only happens about every 33 years. This time, however, the conjunction happens with both planets in the sign of Capricorn, which hasn’t happened in 500 years! This aspect will influence the entire year, and may have the effect of tearing down current outworn structures so they can be rebuilt. This is a great time to use Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ from our Planetary Line, to help ease the challenging energies that these planets can bring, and to help you harmonize with the process of change and transformation.

Removing Obstacles™, our Saturn aligned essence, is formulated especially to help block some of the more challenging energy that this planet is known for. This blend is also designed to help you build up a vibration to counter resistance, whether that resistance shows up externally or on an inner level, so that you can more easily align with your goals.

Transformation™ is our Pluto blend and is designed to ease you through the process of endings, new beginnings and rebirth. This essence may help you to recognize what it is in your life that needs to be released and encourage the desire and ability to transform and let go. It is also formulated to help you align with your highest truth and encourage rebirth and renewal.

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