Essences that Rock! The What, How and Why of Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essences

Mineral Essences that rock

Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essences

The Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essence Line is as broad as it is vast – covering a wide range of issues and targeting a myriad of energies. With over 25 Master Mineral Essence Blends and over 300 individual ones, there’s something for everyone… and every situation! Try working with our Master Mineral sprays for support to ground, balance, clear and replenish – or for the boost you need to attract, harmonize, focus and uplift. Bring added strength and grounding to your everyday life, as well as in times of uncertainty and change. Use them to help clear out unwanted resistance and shield against harmful environmental rays. Use during cosmic shifts, transits and other auspicious occasions to soothe and heal, as well as to enhance meditation and other spiritual practices. Try pairing them or use individually, mix and match, or use with our Flower Essences and Special Blends. 💎 All of our individual Mineral Essences are made with care using proprietary methods; they are hand selected for purity, and when possible, hand mined by Shanti Kai™. For instance, take our 14 varieties of Sapphire or 21 types of Tourmaline that in totality comprise their respective Master Blends – they are all hand-mined by Shanti Kai™ out of love for the earth, but also in effort to ensure the purest, high energy Essence products possible. This ensures that they are free of heat and chemical treatments, and additional hands (i.e. to avoid energetic cross transference), as well as unnecessary radiation or other electronic scanning of minerals (i.e. such as in airports or the mail system). Our Master Mineral Blends, such as the Sapphire or Tourmaline Master, are robust combinations of the individual varieties of Sapphire or Tourmaline Essences (from each gem or mineral family). They are combined and blended using an all natural catalyst and specific pre-established blending ratios that ensure targeting of set frequencies.

Droppers or Sprays?

While most of our individual Gemstone and Mineral Essences are found primarily as droppers, most of our Master Mineral Blends can be found as both droppers and sprays. In a few cases, we also carry certain varieties of individual Mineral Essences as sprays as well, such as with Black Tourmaline, Turquoise, Hawaiian Coral, Hawaiian Peridot, Hawaiian Lava, Hawaiian Obsidian, Kauai Calcite, Black Diamond, Tibetan Smoky Quartz, and more!

What’s the difference between our droppers and sprays? It’s how they go in! Mineral Essence drops can be taken orally and in some ways, may be better for addressing issues of internal blockages, or resistance. Disease is, after all, nothing more than Dis-Ease, meaning there is a block or obstruction affecting your natural state of ease and flow. Essence sprays target the energy field surrounding a given region or area, including the subtle energy bodies and chakras relating to the mental, emotional, and spiritual energies of an intended area. They mitigate imbalance by acting on the body’s electrical system, found in the area surrounding the physical body more commonly thought of or referred to as the aura. Although both drops and sprays act on the electrical field, as well as on internal blockages, the difference in how they go in can make all the difference. It is, after all, how you feel that determines so much of your experience – and in healing, that feeling can be paramount in determining how well you respond. Our droppers confer frequencies via vibrational transference of the Essences – meaning they mediate energies via the water in your physical body. Dubbed tinctures of liquid consciousness, they work vibrationally, altering the frequencies of the water within.

That’s why when you take one of our Essences, which are at the optimized frequency of a plant or mineral in nature, the water in your cells is exposed to this new, higher frequency, causing them to vibrate accordingly. This is why, when I teach, you’ll so often hear me say that if something is bothering you, and you continue to work with our Essences, there’s a good chance it’ll simply vibrate out of your frequency – along with the people, situations, and circumstances in your life that are attached to you and vibrating at a lower frequency.

How Our Mineral Essences Help, From Earth’s Perspective

Full moon, new moon, climate changes and delays, unexpected urgencies, emergencies, crisis and malaise. Regardless of whether its unprecedented or just the mundane, whether you’re on expected or faulty terrain, Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essences can help put you back in touch with Mother Nature, so you can better find your way. Being literally from the Earth – from within the Earth, they put you back in touch with its fiery core – whilst providing frequencies of grounding, balancing, shielding, and more! Earth is Herself, always changing, so its natural that since you live on – and upon her – you’d feel this too! While your world may be, in a physical sense, limited to your direct experience, on another level it’s also about how you feel, the conversations you have, the thoughts you think and how connected you feel – mind body and spirit. But… if you relate how you feel to your surroundings, you’ll find there’s more to consider.

The Earth herself is also connected to something more – and with ramifications stretching much, much further beyond. Its not just about the climate and weather – her vast ecosystems… its not just about how humans treat her. Equally, if not more impactful, is what’s happening around her – in her galactic neighborhood…which incidentally, is yours too! Without turning this into an astrology or astronomy lesson, let’s just accept that there are vast factors at play, some more obvious than others, and some more accelerated. Regardless of how much they matter to you currently, you are more affected by them than you might think. Why is that? Because of how you feel.

You may have huge obstacles standing in your way, but if you feel like everything is OK, then you’ll probably be fine. But if, on the other hand, there’s absolutely nothing wrong around, (i.e. within you), but you feel anxious, worried, or otherwise, then that will begin to bleed into your outer, actual experience. So how you feel, you see, is everything. And when Earth shifts, how you feel might also shift. So when you start feeling a little edgy one day, or irritable another, a little ungrounded, worried or anxious, … oftentimes there is an explanation, even if you don’t know what it is. If you could isolate the reason for that feeling, you might find some of it is much more vast than you would have otherwise thought, or that it really has nothing at all to do with you! Rather, it’s because you’re a part of the collective – a larger human experience that exists simply because you’re on Earth.

Next time you find yourself feeling off, notice what you do with it. Do you just let it be, or do you mentally try to find a reason? Are you worried and anxious because of something specific? Is the anxiety or worry that you’re feeling causing your mind to try to find a reason? That’s an important distinction because, if instead of trying to find a reason and mentally running in circles, you simply made an energetic adjustment – such as when applying one of our Mineral Essences – you might find you’re just fine! You can save yourself a lot of unnecessary drama – and trauma – if you just understand this. Thus, when discussing the Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essences, and the great benefits to working with them, it is important to understand why harmonizing with the Earth is so important.

When you do make a point of harmonizing with her – which happens increasingly when using our Mineral Essences, it can create the benefit of giving you extra space. Instead of checking out, dissociating, spiraling inward, or mentally running in circles, you can find the internal balance and grounding needed to stay present, to better process, shift and adjust – to navigate from where you’re at, without all the fuss! Here are a few suggestions for getting started:

Kyanite Master – For Spiritual clearing

Tourmaline Master – For balancing all major energy centers and chakras

Sapphire Master – For Spiritual awakening and meditation

Calcite Master – For reducing fear, increasing confidence, integrating and balance

Shungite Master – For energetic detox and regeneration

Obsidian Master or Hawaiian Obsidian – For strengthening your Base Chakras and subconscious release

Topaz Master – For transmuting negative energy and manifesting abundance

Lemurian Quartz Master – For awakening ancient memory and connecting with Lemurian seed energies

Quartz Master – For amplifying positive energy, healing and self empowerment

Elestial Quartz Master – For transitioning between dimensions and navigating challenging terrain

Peridot Master or Hawaiian Peridot – For healing, prosperity and easing envy

Ruby Master – For Heart Chakra healing and passion for life

Garnet Master – For balancing the Base Chakras and increasing energies of immunity and circulation

Agate Master – For working with and connecting to Nature

Jasper Master – For grounding, as well as shifting and evolving with the times.

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