Celebrating Father’s Day with Essences for Dad

Essences for Dad

Essences for Dad

We’re celebrating Father’s Day with a 15% off sale on our Essences for Dad

Don’t worry about Fathers Day being over, Dad needs all the help he can get… all year round! Even if your man is anti-Essences (or anything like “essences”) YOU can get them for “him” and help him along.

I hear from women daily who tell me “my man won’t let me spray him, is it ok if I do it while he’s asleep?” Or “He doesn’t believe in these, but I know he needs them what can I do?” Well, you can: spray his favorite t.v. chair/ couch spot, office chair, side of the bed… pillow, car… anywhere he hangs out. Or give him a little massage and spray over his shoulders and along his spine… even if he doesn’t “get it” he probably won’t say no to a little pampering. If he says “no” but it’s really just his ego, that means his higher self might really be saying “yes”.

I hear from enlightened women around the world fairly routinely who tell me “he acts like he hates them but I spray him at night and he started changing.” That’s because most people are innately good at heart and deep down truly do want to get better, and want to heal… even when they play it real tough. And when there is a deep, hard lined, rock wall of resistance, when they don’t really want to heal,… it’s probably that there’s been deep trauma that’s been created, and resistance that must be “eased”. For these types, if you sense a thick, hard rock wall of resistance, you may want to hit pause on all essences except Release It™️; Release It™️ over time can help break down the “walls”.

Another way to get your man to participate with taking the essences is to add 5 to 7 drops to a clean, sterile water bottle and send him to work with it, or put a glass of water with it on his nightstand and make sure he drinks it by morning. You can also spray him while he sleeps… truly, it’s not violating his space. The living nature energies cannot and will not do that anymore than a pine tree outside your house can. They wait for you to embrace them, but they will not alter another’s energies without permission from their higher self. If “he” wants to heal, wants help, wants to be at his optimal potential, chances are, he’ll let the vibrational energies in. If not, they’ll likely be reflected off and either return to you.. and you’ll happily absorb them, or they’ll simply assimilate into your shared environment, which can also help benefit him and others around you. ❤️

Here’s a list of descriptions for some of our favorite Men’s Essences:

Acacia – Acacia Essence can be an “energetic tonic” for male balance, and is also beneficial for heightening receptivity levels.

Anthurium – Anthurium Master Essence helps with repatterning the heart seed atom, which is inherited from your father. It may also help resolve issues with your father, whether conscious or unconscious, as well as karma that may come from your father’s side. It also promotes protection and discernment

Axinite – Axinite Essence brings a nurturing quality and helps you to connect with Earth energy, helping you to utilize this energy to help you transform. It may also assist you with connecting with your ancestors and connecting with energies of manifestation.

Begonia – Begonia Essence is an especially balancing flower essence for men that works on the sacral chakra, promoting creativity and sexual balance.

Cockscomb – Cockscomb Flower Essence may be especially beneficial for male balance. It also helps to stimulate Kundalini Energy, enhances sensory perception, and is beneficial for doing subconscious, or dream work.

Rose Elestial Quartz – Rose Elestial Quartz Essence helps with healing emotional wounds and helps you to align with qualities of love and harmony with others. It also helps with softening transitions in and out of different energetic states, and with pushing past blocks in relationships.

Orange Garnet – Orange Garnet Essence promotes creativity and energy, and is balancing for the sacral chakra and for ego states.

Hematite – Hematite Essence brings strength through its connection to Archangel Michael, and also promotes psychic protection and vitality. This essence also relates to the blood on an energetic level, as your blood helps to protect your immune system and gives you your vitality.

Cactus/Spirit Quartz – Cactus/Spirit Quartz Essence promotes harmony and bonding within the home and within groups. It helps with creativity, and with birthing new ideas into life. It may also help with shifting between dimensions, such as being able to integrate wisdom from other dimensions into the physical dimension.

Hematoid Quartz – Hematoid Quartz Essence helps to raise your vibration while also promoting grounding, and helping you to focus your energy on the physical plane. It brings protection and transmutation of negative energy while also benefiting the blood and vitality on an energetic level.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz Essence is beneficial for softening issues having to do with your father or father figure and helps bring healing to anger, resentment and ego. It also promotes emotional balance and helps open the heart to frequencies of unconditional love.

Smoky Quartz – Smoky Quartz Essence promotes shielding and protection and helps you learn to vibrate at your full potential, encouraging the release of feelings such as jealousy, anger and fear. It is beneficial for meditation and helps to amplify frequencies of light while keeping you grounded.

Tangerine Quartz – Tangerine Quartz Essence helps to activate the sacral chakra, and may benefit relationship balance as well as help to balance ego issues, especially in men. It helps to promote creativity and confidence and may help to bring you clarity and emotional healing.

Ruby Master – Ruby Master Essence acts on the male heart meridian and helps to soften issues related to your father figure. It invokes qualities of love, passion and energy and encourages strength and courage.

Ruby-Kyanite – Ruby-Kyanite Essence also helps with softening father issues and helps enhance life force energy. It helps you to be present in your body and to manifest on an as needed basis.

Brown Tourmaline – Brown Tourmaline Essence helps you to connect with nurturing Earth energies and promotes grounding while balancing the feet chakras. It also helps with protecting from non-beneficial Earth elementals.

Molokai White Hibiscus – Molokai White Native Hibiscus Essence is beneficial for balancing masculine energy and helps to purify the energy in the root and sacral chakras.  It may help you in situations where you need to rebuild from the ground up and helps you to know that it’s never too late to begin something new.

Sunflower – Sunflower Essence helps to promote healing of issues related to your father, or father figure, and if you are a father, would be beneficial for you, to help strengthen your maternal instinct.  This essence may further help you to self-nurture and also promotes the release of resentments.

Mars™ – Our Mars™ Essence Blend is our ultimate Essence for men and for balancing masculine energies. This special blend helps to soften overly masculine tendencies, and also helps you to tune into raw, creative energy.

Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra – Our Sacral Chakra Essence, from the Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line, helps to promote creativity, relationship balance, emotional balance and motivation, and promote healthy reproductive and elimination systems on an energetic level.

Prosperity™ – Our Prosperity™ Essence helps you to align with Jupiter related energies of opportunity, luck, expansion and well-being. It also helps to facilitate higher states of learning, creativity and spiritual understanding.

Garnet Glow™ – Garnet Glow Essence draws on frequencies of radiant red to promote energy and strength and to spark the impetus to start something new or to draw attention to a cause.

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