Featuring Earth Chakra™ Essence to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Chakra Essence for Earth DayHappy Earth Day! At Shanti Kai, we celebrate the Earth everyday by working with and understanding the precious nature – flower, mineral, and gemstone vibrations – our planet provides for us. Shanti Kai offers hundreds of Gemstone Essences, including many from rare and newly discovered specimens that are said to have shown up at this time on the planet because they hold the very vibrations we need at this point in the evolution of humanity. Specifically, our Earth Chakra™ Essence is loaded with these evolutionary gemstone essences for countering ailments of modern day stress – such as electronic and gadget overload (including energies from computers, cell phones, micro and other harmful rays), traffic and noise pollution, and all other sorts of negative side effects of modern day conveniences. It also contains powerful gemstones for grounding.

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“I cannot say enough good things about this Earth Spray! So grounding. So warm. So helpful for any situation that makes you anxious or needs grounding support.”
– Rocco D., Boston

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