Featuring Venus™ and Mars™ Essences for the Venus-Mars Conjunction

The much talked about biennial Venus-Mars conjunction becomes exact this Tuesday, July 13th in the sign of Cancer (in Vedic Astrology) and Leo (in Western), an aspect that only occurs every two years. Get ready to fall in love – or back in love – as Feminine Venus, the goddess of love, and Masculine Mars, the god of war, come together to align you with the energies of romance, birth and creation! This alignment can have a “softening” effect on your romantic relationships (and love interests), forging the opportunity for greater harmony and balance. At the same time, this dynamic duo is sure to ignite passion, ambition, and love – interwoven together to create a dynamic sure to inspire a Heart-Opening experience!

Indeed, this aspect brings with it a creative spark, aligning you with newfound inspiration and motivation – an opportune time for initiating new ventures and rekindling projects that [may have been] stowed away! Mars, however, is in its debility in Cancer, and thus you may find yourself with less energy and motivation [than you normally would have]. Moreover, it is about to make a pivotal transition from the water sign of Cancer into the Fire sign Leo on July 20th. What does this mean? Expect to be challenged! The cosmos are imploring you to push yourself in ways that will “step up” your game, pushing you to achieve and aspire – higher and higher!

To explain, the last few days before a planet moves between elements – i.e., in this case from water (Cancer) to fire (Leo) – is called a “Gandanta”, a “spiritual knot”. A Gandanta is believed to bring up [unresolved] karmic issues for healing, which means you may find yourself actually feeling like you are in “knots”! (Pun fully intended). But fear not! Shanti Kai™ has just the tools you need to navigate “the crazies” of this cosmic terrain. Our Venus™ and Mars™ Companion Essences can help you tune in and tune-up, harnessing the celestial powers of the “beneficial beams” at hand! What’s more, work with this pairing to soften the challenging aspects of this alignment, whilst building upon the energies needed to stay balanced and strong!

Apply Venus™ throughout your aura (and on key areas) to simultaneously summon both your Divine Feminine AND Inner Diva, in one. Work with Venus™ Essence to embolden your self-confidence, enhance your grace & sense of charm, to amplify your inner radiance and magnify powers of attraction. Use Venus™ for all things Romance and LOVE ❤️.

Our Mars™ Essence enhances the masculine qualities of leadership and action while invoking passion for life and motivation (in all you do). It inspires courage and assertiveness and can help amplify access to your “energetic reserves”, a boon with Mars in its debility in Cancer. We recommend using these two essences over the next several weeks, and throughout both July and August, for working with the energy of today’s conjunction and softening the energy of Mars’ transitioning to Leo. Moreover Mars, or “Kuja” as it is known in Vedic tradition, is the ruling planetary energy this year, and thus it is the perfect Essence to work with throughout the ENTIRE YEAR and through next March!

Tip: Starting with Mars™, spray over your third eye, temples, base of skull and lower chakras, following up with Venus™ in the same areas, as well as over the front and back of your heart. Use Mars™ anytime you feel sluggish or tired and Venus™ whenever you need to soften your emotions and create a greater sense of balance and Harmony.

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