Finding Direction With Hope™ and Clarity™ Essences

Looking for direction, not sure where to go?  Suffered a loss or setback, or in a bind and can’t make up your mind? If you’re finding yourself at a crossroads and are feeling uncertain – emotionally down, uninspired, or even lost, Shanti Kai Hope™ and Clarity™ Companion Essences may be just the tools you need to find your way back to your higher mind and highest path.

Hope™ is the ultimate message in a bottle… sure to help you find your way home. Chock full of multiple varieties of Hawaiian Gardenias, and amplified by synergistic flowers, gemstones, orchids and more, its formulated to uplift the spirits and reconnect you with belief in infinite possibility. Hope™ helps shift you out of lower emotional states that would cloud your sense of direction and muddy your inspiration.

Should you be in grief, sadness, and/or despair, Hope™ can help realign you with your highest truth. But, you need not be feeling low to love with this Essence – it can help you in the midst of everyday, ordinary life – the lows, the highs, and the monotony that is. Hope™ reminds you that there is always more, and reminds you to tap into the spiral of infinite possibility that always exists within you, around you, and for you. You’re never too old, you’re never too young, you’re never too poor, too slow, too weak or inadequate – no matter who you are or what you do, there is always something more for you – thats Hope™.

Clarity™ Essence is a sweet blend synergized with ingredients such as Water Lily and Aquamarine. Much as the Water Lily makes its way above murky waters to blossom, Shanti Kai™ Clarity™ helps guide you through some of life’s murkier moments. The Water Lily intuitively knows to move toward the sun. It doesn’t wallow in hopelessness because of the muck and mire of its surroundings, but rather innately follows the spunda, its innate pulsation toward the light – steadily inching upward, to finally meet the sun. Only then can it spread its wings and blossom, teaching you to do the same.

Clarity™ is formulated to enhance this quality of Water Lily, carrying you through the darkest night, and bringing you to the light. It’s not about instantaneous mental clarity – like with a cup of coffee – nor does it snap alert the senses like peppermint or a grove of eucalyptus. It acts on the innate impulse of the heart, connecting you with your deepest inner truth and helping you find your way from there.

Used together, Shanti Kai™ Hope™ and Clarity™ work to restore your belief in infinite possibility, to revive your spirit, and guide you to a brighter future. As with all Essences, these products work best if you actively work with them, but require only that you be open to and willing to receive change.

“I started my own business and spent a year developing a product, but wasn’t getting the leads I needed to make it successful. I was putting in so much time and energy with very little success, and although I had gone about my work very prayerfully, I became discouraged that I couldn’t see any tangible results. I started using Hope™ and Clarity™ together, specifically I either put it in my water bottle and took it with me to yoga or kept the sprays on hand and used them when these feelings started to come up. Shortly after, I would start feeling more hopeful and encouraged. Whereas before I had been unable to see anything positive unfolding, after using them I would begin to shift into a more hopeful perspective. Slowly guidance would come to me as to how to proceed and intuitively I just knew to keep going even though the odds seemed against me. I began to see the reasons why things weren’t lining up, things that I had unknowingly been impatient with and wanted to make happen “right away” but that required more time and effort…somewhere along the way using Hope™ and Clarity™ I began to shift, to believe in myself and my company, and somehow the steps I needed to take were revealed. It’s now been 2 years I no longer am filled with doubt and discouragement. I see how everything Divinely aligns with timing. Now when I use these products it’s not to pull me out of a deep rut but because I want to go higher, to come into even greater possibility – infinite possibility. These essences have helped me so much at a time I really needed it, and I am so grateful.” – Mary, CEO, California

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