Full Flower Moon in Scorpio and our Moon Goddess™ and Transformation™ Essences

Transformation and Ma-Hina

Today the Full Flower Moon will occur in the intense sign of Scorpio. Over the next few days, you may find that feelings or emotions that you hadn’t been aware of before catching you by surprise and causing you to feel off-centered and unsure of what to do with the energy. Shanti Kai™ Essences Transformation™ and Moon Goddess™ may help to make it easier to recognize and tune into your emotions, while staying balanced with the intense full-moon energy – and to help you heal and transform anything that comes to the surface at this time.

Our Moon Goddess™ Essence is designed to enhance your 6th sense and may help you see and understand your emotions more clearly, while also helping you to harmonize with lunar energy. Full moons are known for bringing previously hidden emotions to our attention, and bringing heightened energy that can at times be overwhelming. Moon Goddess™ can help with staying balanced during this time.

Transformation™ Essence is formulated to help you more easily see and recognize truths that you previously may not have wanted to see or work with. This blend may help to remove energetic blocks and resistance, and to bring about true transformation, so that you can keep moving forward with positive changes in your life. Transformation™ Essence can also help you to release away the dead weight in your life so you can devote your limited time, energy, and resources to the things that really matter.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

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