Full Moon in Sagittarius Essence Duo: Intuition™ and Prosperity™


On Tuesday, May 29th, a full moon in Sagittarius, also this year’s Flower Moon, will light the skies and for this lunar event we are featuring our Full Moon In Sagittarius Essence pair, Intuition™ and Prosperity™. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and our Prosperity™ Essence Blend is all about harnessing the power of this expansive planet. Jupiter rules prosperity, success, opportunity and higher learning and ingredients such as Jade and Yellow Tourmaline help to align you with these energies while other vibrational infusions in the blend balance your lower Chakras while developing the upper ones. Flowers in this Essence, such as Golden Shower Tree, open you to receiving help from above, and bring inspiration and heightened creativity.

Our Intuition™ Essence is formulated to help you work with the energy of the moon which rules your emotions, 6th sense, the feminine aspect and your internal rhythms. Certain flowers such as Night Blooming Cactus help you connect to the Divine Feminine, and your ability to receive from this source. Other ingredients such as the gemstone Covellite activate your third eye to help develop your intuition.

Use this duo together to balance and open yourself to success and opportunity, and make the most of the Flower Moon!

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