Full Moon in Scorpio Duo: Transformation™ & Intuition™

Transformation and IntuitionOn Sunday, April 29th, a full moon in Scorpio, this year’s Pink Moon, will light the sky.  While the color pink brings to mind gentleness and peace, Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are anything but, making it a great time to pull out our Intuition™ and Transformation Essences™.

Pluto, The Destroyer, represents transformation, death, re-birth and everything hiding below the surface in your subconscious that you’d rather not look at.  Sounds like scary stuff! Fortunately, we have our Transformation™ Essence, formulated specially to balance these types of Plutonian energies.  While transformation and everything that comes with it can make us feel heavy and at times hopeless, Transformation™ Essence can help to soften this process, and kindle a desire and ability to transform, and delve into the heart of whatever issues are coming up.

To help with the lunar side of things, Intuition™ Essence is specially formulated to help you work with the energy of the moon and its phases.  Full moons in general are a time of culmination, heightened emotions, and of the illumination of things previously hidden.  All this adds to the theme of transformation in the air, and Intuition™ Essence can further help to bring ease and acceptance to whatever comes up.  Read more about this Scorpio Full Moon Duo.

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