Full Moon in Taurus Companion Essences – Earth Chakra™ and Intuition™


It’s time for October’s full moon, occurring tomorrow, October 24th, in the sign of Taurus! Taurus is a sensual Earth sign and this can be a good time to connect with the healing energies that the Earth and nature can offer us. To help tap into this energy, we are recommending our Full Moon in Taurus Companion Essences, Earth Chakra™ and Intuition™ to help you connect with healing Earth energies and to harmonize with the phases of the moon.

Earth Chakra™ Essence contains ingredients from the plant and mineral kingdoms that help you to connect with the grounding and healing energies that the Earth provides. This Essence also helps you to adjust and adapt to life’s changes, including those that may be happening on a global scale. It can be especially nurturing for those who work in stressful office environments, as it brings in the Earth element and much needed balance for such a life style.

Intuition™ Essence is our Lunar blend which helps you to harmonize with the different phases of the moon, and integrate their energy in a way that is most beneficial to you. It may also help you to tune more closely into the world of emotions and to enhance your sixth sense.

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