Tip of the Week: Working with Garnet Master Essence to Stay Centered and Grounded in the Present

Garnet Master for Full Moon in Leo

Work with Shanti Kai™ Garnet Master Essence to stay centered and grounded in the present. Use to strengthen and reinvigorate your energy, especially during winter months and challenging cosmic climates… like the present!

Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo is sure to “stir the pot” as it forms a T-square with surprise loving Uranus, and war-like Mars in comfort loving Taurus. It moreover sits in opposition to the Aquarius Sun – which is forming powerful connections to Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury… who is about to go retrograde (recall from last post). Expect a bit of a “cosmic coercion” with all this Uranus energy, sure to knock you out of your comfort zone and strongly encouraging you to reevaluate what you believe and why. It is a bit of a planetary punch, sure to bring on unexpected change and challenge you at your core. What type of change, you might ask? That’s the thing with Uranus ….and surprises… you can’t really know! But with Taurus in town, you can expect to feel somewhat (if not unusually) resistant to it! Couple that to Mars’ impulse toward momentum and you might just be feeling like a truck stuck in the mud with its wheels spinning backwards all while trying to charge forward!

If all this has your head spinning and your mind reeling… we have good news! Though you can’t outsmart the universe, Shanti Kai™ Garnet Master Essence can help you work with it! Pick up a bottle for some much-needed grounding and strengthening as the effects of these planetary energies are sure to play out in the days and weeks ahead! Especially during winter months, when the colder weather (or shorter days) can bring on the sluggishness – not to mention the COVID conditions wherever you are, i.e., if the effects of quarantining are bringing you down, this Essence can help recharge and reinvigorate your energy – physically and emotionally!

What’s more… while ultimately change leads to growth and is an unavoidable aspect of life, “sudden change” can bring up old wounds and trauma, requiring you to “break through” old beliefs to move forward. Especially with Uranus Energy hanging around, you might find yourself feeling “stuck in the past” and/or “reliving” old trauma, while also feeling worried or uneasy about the future. That’s yet another reason why you’ll want to check out our Garnet Master Essence, as it’s a wonderful tool for “coming back” to your center and living in the present moment. Shock and trauma (note: we are not just talking physical trauma …for more on this, see Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) under our Services section) have a way of causing you to “leave your body”…OR even if you are just feeling a little bit “spacey” and distracted, working with Shanti Kai™ Garnet Master Essence can help you “come back to Earth” and/or “come back into your body” where you can regain your sense of wholeness.

Suggestions for Working with Garnet Master:

As Drops: Add drops to your sterile water bottle and sip as needed and/or take orally (under the tongue) 2x morning and night or as needed.

As Spray: Apply along spine and to main energy centers, front and back (see our chakra diagram), especially the forehead and base of skull. You may also benefit from applying over areas of stress, fatigue, and tension, along with over back of adrenal/kidney area. It is not necessary to apply to all areas at once… you may alternate applications as desired.

Alternatively, you can follow your intuition and/or dowse for where to apply. Although you’ll likely experience an immediate benefit, essences work best when used over time, so give it a little… to experience the profound, subtle shifts. You may also substitute with Garnet Glow (from our Shanti Kai™️ Color Line) or try or any one of our Garnet color variations if you do not have the Garnet Master Variety. As always seek the guidance of your medical provider should have questions or concerns regarding your health**. See our medical disclaimer under our Essences FAQ.!

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