Guardian Angel™ Essence for Protection and Auric Shielding

Guardian Angel for Energetic Protection

Ever feel like you could use a guardian angel just to help get you through the day? If you feel like you need extra protection, whether it be in large crowds, being around certain “negative” individuals, or whether you simply wish to strengthen the shield in your energy field, our Guardian Angel™ Essence is an ideal companion! Guardian Angel™ is designed to help put an aura of protection and shielding in your energy field that may help guard against negative and/or draining energies.

A synergy of Hawaiian flowers and gemstones in this blend work to alleviate fears and help strengthen the heart and root chakras. Precious metals traditionally used for shielding from radiation and other harmful rays aid in guarding against environmental energies. Guardian Angel™ also helps with feeling more connected with the Angelic Realm and/or requesting the presence or assistance of Archangel Michael.

Usage Tips

Spray Guardian Angel™ Essence over any or all of the following areas ( front and back):

  • Heart
  • Forehead
  • Base of Skull
  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra

Close your eyes and relax for a minute. Tune into what you are experiencing. Feel, see or sense a protective presence there with you. You may imagine a sparkly soft blue, indigo, or white light and or envision the sense of warmth around your heart – a feeling of expansiveness and protection invoking you. Allow any fear and negative thought energy to be released with each out breath. Depending on the type of energy you are experiencing the need to shield from, you may also like to work with the fluorescent blue or golden light that is inherent to the blend’s innate color frequencies.  See this blue encompassing your entire being, shielding your auric field (which can be imagined to be at arms length with arms raised or extended outward in any which direction, and extending ~2.5 feet below your feet).

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