Guardian Angel™ Essence For Sleep, Rest and Stress

Guardian Angel Essence For Sleep

How it Works

Vibrational Essences work best when you pay attention to disturbances in your mind and emotions. Feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety… being unable to rest or find sleep… these are all signs of imbalance in your energy. Pro-actively mitigating them is your best stress offense and Shanti Kai™ Guardian Angel™ can can play an important role in doing just that! Guardian Angel™ goes to work buffering your energy – sealing off your electrical field and protecting you from ongoing energetic stress bombardment – giving you the space you need to heal*.

About Guardian Angel™

Guardian Angel™ is one of our top selling Essence Blends for energy protection and shielding. Designed to help you align with Archangel Michael, the archangel of protection, increase auric shielding and help protect you from outside negativity, it works to soften and release fears held in your heart chakra and to invoke feelings of safety and protection.

In Short, Guardian Angel™ Acts On Your Auric Field To Help:
  • Ease tension in and around the heart chakra
  • Enhance feelings of safety
  • Increase energetic shielding
  • Strengthen energetic boundaries
  • Invoke protection
  • Align with Archangel Michael

In fact, we like to think of using this Essence like having a calling card to Archangel Michael. If worry and fear keeps you up at night, try Guardian Angel™ to counter the fright!

Guardian Angel™ and the Fears That Keep You Up At Night

For many of you, the first moment of quiet or solitude all day long occurs when you lie down to sleep … and that’s when all the unresolved tension and stress of the day rises to the surface causing thoughts to spin in your mind. Guardian Angel™ has a solid base of Essences designed to help soften and ease the “heart fears” that often underly anxiety that would keep you up at night. These fears often represent your deepest, most intense inner fears, including feeling alone, fear of dying, fear of being abandoned, fear of losing someone or something (or everyone and everything), fear of “not having”, or lack of provision, fear of persecution and judgment… and on and on. Sometimes these deeper fears appear “masked” or in the form of something more trivial, but underneath – if you go deep enough – they lead to something more – often existential in nature.


Opening the Heart and Releasing Fear with Shanti Kai Guardian Angel Vibrational Essence Spray
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Guardian Angel™ While You Sleep

Often when you can’t sleep, it is because as soon as you lie down your mind wakes up. Or you fall asleep but then your subconscious kicks up something unresolved and you awaken triggered, anxious, upset, fearful, agitated and the like. If your body is already sick, injured, or undergoing trauma – and is constantly being bombarded by outside stressors, your inner condition can become even more agitated, making it seem almost impossible to get ahead of the recovery curve! That is why quality rest is soooo important!

Guardian Angel™ Works Great On Children and Pets Alike!

Whats more? Children – and even pets too – are often susceptible to the same triggers as you! True, they may not have the same stress levels, but they are often much more sensitive to subconscious cues, and/or in touch with their inner world than you. Insomnia, nightmares, unpleasant dreams and night terrors – these are all par for the course and clear indication that a little extra safety is needed.

Suggested Use

Spray the third eye, temples, base of skull, throat and heart before going to bed and/or any time a little extra protection or shielding is needed/desired. You can also spray around your pillow, foot of bed, along your spine and around your head.

Tip: If you wake up during the night, reapply as needed. Take a few deep breaths, say a prayer and call in the nurturing protection of Archangel Michael (and/or your spiritual connection) and rest easy!

You may also envision yourself being enveloped in a bubble of white-gold-fluorescent bluish light, and/or call on Archangel Michael for protection and help.[/et_pb_text]

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