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Halia’s Big Wins at CFA’s National Cat Show

Halias WinsHalia won Best Cat in Hawaii AND also won top gun #1 in in the Western Region! Congratulations, Halia!

Purrfect Sense™ has truly been miraculous for us with our winning showcat Halia. She was such a temperamental cat (and still is) that we were not going to be able to put her in cat shows last year. Because of this product not only was she shown, but she also was the highest scoring cat in Hawaii. After orally applying this essence before shows, Halia would visibly calm down. We could see the stress start to dissolve and she’d become so much more manageable. On one show we forgot to give her this product and when the judges took her out of the cage she nearly escaped and was so frantic they couldn’t evaluate her. We applied the essence after the first break and from then on she had a great show. We are so grateful we had this product to help her stay calm and reduce her stress.”
– Jayme Jensen (Halia’s mom) and Natalie Playdon (breeder)

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