Harmony™ and Healer Within™: Companion Essences for Inner Peace and Well-Being

Healer Within and Harmony

Shanti Kai™ Healer Within™️ is a subtle but powerful yin-aligned Essence to aid you in working through stress and trauma. It’s formulated to stimulate energies of internal healing – to cool, calm, and soothe – as well as increase your compassion and ability to self-nurture. What’s more, Healer Within™ is a fantabulous Companion Essence to Shanti Kai™️ Harmony™– our body, mind and spirit blend, formulated to uplift the heart and ease feelings of overwhelm. Together they support bringing you back into alignment with your body’s optimal health and highest potential, increasing your ability to harmonize and self-heal.

Shanti Kai™ Harmony™ Essence promotes synchronicity of body, mind and spirit. If the mind isn’t well, if your emotions are down, the body also suffers. Similarly, if your physical body is down, its harder to do the things you need to feel and be healthy – mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And, when your spirit becomes disconnected, even if life seems pretty good, the mind can become depressed and heavy – and it can be hard to find the motivation needed to do anything at all – let alone the things you need to look and feel well.

Companion Essences for Promoting Inner Balance

The Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ Companion Essence duo work together to help you find the calm you need to bring you back into balance and total ease. You don’t want to spend your life worrying about what might happen if…. or what could happen when… (or what did happen that once….) as focusing on the fear of the future and/or trauma of the past will only rob you of the joy in the present moment – and we know you don’t want that!

That’s why we suggest, when you start feeling off, a little imbalanced, and maybe out of sync… when your mind starts to worry and anxious thoughts are setting in … that you pick up Shanti Kai™️’s dynamic duo, Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ Companion Essences, give them a shake, apply the spray… and watch your worry vibrate away!

How they Work

Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ Companion Essences work within your energy field helping you process and integrate energies from your external environment, while simultaneously stimulating energies of healing on the inside. Used over time, either one at a time in rotation, or applied back to back at regular intervals (i.e. morning and night and/or every 30-60 minutes when stressed) they promote an increasingly calm and harmonious state of mind. What’s more, Harmony™️ is also a wonderful Essence to help balance and soothe the atmosphere, and may be especially beneficial in your homelife and/or workplace environment!

Shanti Kai™️ yin aligned Essence Healer Within™️ can help calm, cool and soothe any irritations, agitations and frustrations you may have. Harmony™️ works alongside it and can help harmonize imbalances in your energy field and space, as well as enhance energies of synchronicity, alignment and flow.

How To Use

Starting with Healer Within™️, shake well and spray your:

  • 3rd eye and temples
  • Neck/throat
  • Heart center
  • Abdomen
  • Along your spine

Alternatively, you might also wish to spray:

  • The back of your kidney/adrenal area
  • Behind your knees
  • Behind your ears
  • The tops and bottoms of your feet
  • The back of the uterus (in women) and/or side pelvic area.

Note: it is not necessary to spray all of these areas at once, we suggest alternating between the ones you find your most sensitive or responsive to.

Follow by spraying Harmony™️ over the same main areas listed above. but also over the front center of your seven main chakras-. Or you can simply spray down the front side of your body, along your spine, and over your crown.

Note: Companion Essences can be layered one on top of the other, however highly sensitive individuals may wish to apply one at a time, waiting 15-20 minutes in between each Essence (to allow for integration).

Shanti Kai™ Healer Within™️ and Harmony™️ Companion Essence Simple Meditation for Inner Healing & Harmony

Another very simple way of working with these Essences is to do a brief meditation (i.e. guided visualization, contemplation, or mindfulness check-in) and reflect upon the areas of your life that feel most challenging to you at the moment. (Note: this is intentionally simple to accommodate a busy lifestyle and render it easy to use.)

Simply apply the Companion Essence sprays as described above, over your main areas and/or over areas of tension and stress, as well as throughout your aura – and in the space surrounding you.

Take a few centering breaths to allow the vibrations to assimilate into your energy. If you are not sure where your stress areas are, it may help to think of them as being in the areas that routinely bother you most – i.e., your most trusted “problem areas” – such as a pain in your neck or the weight of the world on your [stiff] shoulders.

Set the intention that you are open for change.

Visualize or imagine your current problem being harmonized, balanced and worked out. Do not worry so much about the exact solution, Rather focus on the Harmony and ease you would like to feel.

Visualize or imagine your current problem and any related tension loosening its hold.

You can then follow up with journaling to note your experience.

End by drinking a glass of water for purification of anything that needs to be flushed.

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