Anahata™ and Venus™ for Healing Heartache

Healing HeartacheOpen your heart to let love in with Shanti Kai’s Venus™ and Anahata™ (Heart Chakra) Valentine’s Companion Essences for healing heartache. Often when one has gone through a breakup, loss, or “bad” experience, part of the heart chakra shuts down or closes off. It can be challenging to move forward and attract a partner when the heart is closed off in this way. That’s why we recommend working with balancing and opening the heart with regard to romantic relationships if one still feels negative, hasn’t forgiven, holds resentment/grudges, or otherwise still feels burdened by a past relationship experience.

Suggested Use:
Use twice a day, morning and evening or as needed/desired. Spray front and back of heart area (chest and mid back), palms of hands, and temples with Anahata Essence™. Immediately follow with Venus Essence™ over heart center, entire chest area, upper-mid back, base of skull/neck, root chakra, and third eye area. One may alternate areas where they spray with different applications or may pick their favorite application areas. One may dowse or test themselves (if one knows how) for the best areas to apply. May be used acutely every 15-30 minutes for several intervals and then every 45-60 minutes if an intense experience or feelings arise that these essences can assist with.

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