Hibiscus Master Flower Essence for Root and Sacral Chakra Balance


Hibiscus Master Flower Essence for Root and Sacral Chakra Balance, Grounding and Vitality

Hibiscus Master Essence

Our Hibiscus Master™ Flower Essence, contains infusions of over 22 varieties of Hibiscus, and is a wonderful tool for balancing issues relating to your lower chakras.  This blend promotes stability, grounding, and vitality…. bringing back your passion for life so that you can live more abundantly, and fully present in each moment!

Releasing energetic blockages in your root and sacral chakras can help improve the flow of life force energy relating to these areas, in turn promoting better circulation and enhancing overall well-being. Using this essence directly on your feet, legs, hips, low back and spine (i.e. areas relating to your root and sacral chakras) can help clear blocked energies, bringing greater overall balance to these areas.  This can be especially important if you spend long hours seated at a desk, or if you experience discomfort in your low back or hips.

Hibiscus Essence may also help release energetic blockages which can underlie problems in these regions, including hormonal and digestive issues.  Working with this essence encourages the release of such blocks, which may contain stored memories relating to fear, worry/anxiety (i.e. forms of fear), anger,  survival  (especially relating to issues of lack or “not having enough”), negative memories or stored trauma from early family life (i.e. childhood trauma), and stored emotion regarding past relationships/partnerships (i.e. feelings of rejection, betrayal, shame, etc).

Hibiscus can also be a beneficial tool if you are a meditator or trying to start a meditation practice, practice yoga and/or have “stiff” hips, as releasing blocks in the base chakras (which include hip areas) can help release negative emotions, especially anger, that tend to be stored in the hip areas.  It further supports the mental release of issues from the past, and can help you let go of baseless fears regarding the future…in this way helping you clear your mind and stay present, living fully in each moment, breath by breath.

This essence teaches the affirmation: “Love this moment. This moment is your life.”

Aside from our Weekly Tip (below) you may also enjoy working with the following suggestions:

  • Used regularly and before meditation it may help prepare your foundation so you can sit for longer periods of time, until ultimately you can still both body and mind for long periods of time.
  • Used before sitting for work, especially if you work in an office or cubicle type setting, where you are seated for long hours, it may help you energetically balance and align your sitting bones so that over time you do not develop problems due to discomfort.
  • Used as a room spray before working on projects or group gatherings, it may help to bring passion into whatever you are working on.


Working with this essence can be especially beneficial if you experience one or more of the following:
Red Hibiscus

  • Long hours seated at a desk
  • Discomfort in your low back, or hips
  • Issues in your legs, feet, and/or spine
  • Lack of motivation
  • Depressed energies or loss of passion for life
  • Mental anxiety or worry about the future
  • Repetitive unpleasant thoughts, memories and/or feelings from the past
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive/elimination imbalance
  • Guilt, shame, and/or unworthiness especially relating to relationship issues
  • Trouble sitting for meditation
  • Anger and/or tightness in your hips


… AND/OR if you experience other issues in these areas, as they may be symptomatic of energetic blocks in this region.

For maximum benefit, try spraying Hibiscus Master Essence over your: third eye, temples, base of the skull, along your spine, as well as over the front and back of your base chakras, hips, legs, and feet. You may spray all of these areas at once or rotate each area with alternating use**.   You can use this anytime you feel you could use some energetic support with any of these areas and to promote balance, motivation and greater passion for life.

**In the same way that if your stomach is hungry you don’t have to inject food into it, when you spray an essence, you don’t necessarily have to spray it on that area (especially if it’s inappropriate or hard to get to).   However, applying to the area(s) of discomfort or tension can still be helpful and even therapeutic.  The most sensitive areas tend to be the third eye, base of skull, temples, and throat region… and that’s why we always list them first. The rest are at your discretion and intuition.

Note: If you do not have our Hibiscus Essence, you may also substitute for our Muladhara™: Root Chakra Essence, and/or Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra Essence, carefully crafted blends of synergistically balanced plant and mineral frequencies designed to target a range of energetic issues originating in your Root and/or Sacral chakra areas, respectively. Earth Chakra™ Essence, while a vastly different formula, would be another suitable alternative in absence of Hibiscus Master™ or Muladhara™: Root Chakra.You may also find one of the many individual varieties of Hibiscus, a few of which are also on sale and featured below beneficial:[vc_column width=”1/2″]

  • Light Pink Hibiscus Flower Essence has an emphasis on healing from grief and loss, grounding and increasing feelings of safety, and embracing your feminine side. It may be especially beneficial as it relates to your early family life, home life, and romantic partnerships, and social relationships.  If you have a tendency toward aggression or a hot temperament, have a tendency to unintentionally cause conflict, and/or have a rough time during PMS or other hormonal cycles, you may benefit from the gentle quality of Pink Hibiscus.
  • Rocks Kauai Hibiscus (aka Hau Tree) Flower Essence carries the properties of the Master Hibiscus™ Essence but with emphasis on balancing your sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well as the mental and emotional subtle energy bodies. Hau Tree may help balance the emotional energies you carry, helping you work through and release lower emotions so that you do not become “congested” or blocked by them.  It also helps “lighten” your mind, allowing you more room to think rationally and act with clarity.  Hau Tree Essence helps align all three lower chakras and encourages happiness and emotional balance, whilst also strengthening your partnerships and familial relations.
  • Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence benefits increasing strength, vitality and passion for life.  It can be beneficial in repatterning fear of lack or limiting and/or inhibiting beliefs so that you once again feel impassioned about life and free to live and think abundantly.  It’s essence can help release blocks in your lower chakras that house reproductive organs and thus may benefit females who suffer from menstrual imbalance (and/or reproductive issues); red hibiscus Essence can also help encourage your energy to heal if you’ve experienced past sexual trauma (as this can create blocks in your root and sacral chakras that manifest outwardly in physical symptoms and/or related problems).

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  • Milo Flower Essence carries qualities of Master Hibiscus with emphasis on helping detoxify and recharge your solar plexus region, and significantly increasing your light quotient potential that you carry in both body and mind. Milo Essence helps balance your emotional energies, so that they do not block your ability to think and see clearly. It also helps recharge subtle energy centers in the brain, especially when taken before meditating or being in sunshine.
  • Molokai White Native Hibiscus Flower Essence benefits purification and renewal, and the clearing of lower vibrational energies that accumulate around the root and sacral chakras. It also relates more to balancing male reproductive and sexual energies than some of the other Hibiscus varieties (such as the pink or lavender variety), which tend to be more feminine. It helps to purify the root and sacral chakra and would help you “cleanse” from past relationship issues and also help you in situations where you must rebuild, or start over from the ground up.
  • Golden Hibiscus Flower Essence carries the qualities of the Master Hibiscus Essence, with emphasis on increasing reserves of mana in the sacral chakra. It helps to balance and uplift your vibration so that negative emotions stored in the sacral and manipura energy centers can be more readily transmuted into raw physical energy.

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